6 December 2015

Day five single brands advent calendars

I apologise that this is a day late but this is my single beauty advent calendar review for the 5th December.
These are my Ciate and Clarins items.

First is Clarins and it has a beautiful illustration on the side of the aperature.

Inside is the Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm.
According to the site this non oily cream adds moisture and hydrates the skin on the neck and face and also helps to firm and revitalise the skin as well as protect against pollution.
This is in a 5ml size and worth approximately £2.90.

Next there is Ciate and today it is another nail varnish shaped door.

Inside there is this bottle of Ciate Treatment which is a 5ml bottle of their nail illuminator in bloom boost. According to the look fantastic site this brings out the white of the tips of your nails as well as the natural colour of your nail due to it's rosy tint.
This is especially great when your nails are out of condition, as mine are at the moment, and could use all the help that they can get.

So there are my single brand advent calendars and although Clarins is very small I am hapy to give it to Mr G to try and the nail bloom boost is much appreciated too.

Hope you are having a lovely day.


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