13 December 2015

Day ten multi brand advent calendars 2015

It's all about the face today with my multibrand advent calendars. Lots of lips and some face.
Here are my multi brand items for the tenth of December:

The first advent calendar to review is the Marks & Spencer Advent calendar. This has a nice red box today with a star on the top.

It was quite a light box today and inside was a 25 g sample of the Frankincense Nourishing Cream. This is from Neils yard and it is interesting to read the ingredients as the first is water then sunflower oil then glycerin then cet alcohol.
Looking at the icon for Neal's yard you would think that this is quite a natural product but to be honest the ingredients don't thrill me. 
According to the neal's yard website this is a rich and nourishing cream for all skin types and will help to rejuvenate and tone the skin with the frankincense oil. It also says that it is extra rich making it ideal for dry and mature skin.

Next is youbeauty and the first of my lip products for today.

This is a lipstick by teeez from their read my lips range and it is in the shade 'killing me softly'. This  has a 2 g weight and according to the packaging has a unique satin Matt finish. For me that is a bit of a weird combination but I am happy to try.
It also says that this is highly pigmented and this makes me wonder whether or not this will be good for my lips which are quite highly pigmented.

This has a creamy texture and is in a reddy orange shade.
I haven't actually wore it yet so I can't tell you how well it would last on the lips or whether or not it is smudge proof but according to the packaging it says that it will last for eight hours which I very much doubt but I am happy to try it. 

I have to admit that I'm a bit of a lip products junkie so this is right on point for me. I look forward to trying this.

Finally today is look fantastic.

Inside is the second lip product and this is a nudestix lip and cheek pencil in  the shade satan.  It has a 2.5 g weight and looks quite interesting.

On swatching this has a creamy texture and it is in a vibrant red shade. When you think of the lip pencils you wouldn't actually think of this creamy texture but I'm guessing that it would be really lovely on the lips and the red shade would be great for making a huge impression.
It is a bit more of a show off shade than the lip product in youbeauty but I could see that I could use both for different occasions.
It is nice to get reds though because most people can use that no matter what their skintone.

So there are my day 10 multibrand beauty items and to be honest it is a really good day for me. Although the Neils yard cream seems rather artificial despite their logo I will try it and see what it's like on my skin and the lip products are right on point for this lip product junkie.
Sorry that my reviews are lagging a little behind on my blog but I hope that you are enjoying reading them and I hope that you will enjoy your own advent calendar is if you have bought them.

Enjoy your day.

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