22 December 2015

Day twenty non beauty advent calendars

To be honest its quite scary how quickly we've got to day 20 and how quickly we getting through not just this month and advent but also through this year. The thought that very soon we will be in 2016 is a quite a scary thought for me.
But I suppose you can't fight time.
Here are my day 20 non beauty advent calendars.

Seems that we are getting a certain order for the days and once again my first advent calendar for day 20 will be busy bees.

Today's wax melt is in the scent Christmas fruitcake which smells like fruit and cake  obviously.
To me this smells a bit like a mix of a fruity candle and a candle like Christmas cookie from Yankee candle.

Next is tinc and I'm quite excited that we have actually got an item.

Inside is a small torch from which you can attach to handbag, to your pockets or to anything that has things that you can attach things to. I have to admit that I had to liberate this back off my son because he seemed to take a fancy to this and to the item that was in Smiggle. It's a great day and this is a great little torch to get.

It was a large aperture for the 20th.

Inside is another keyring and this one is a small calculator. My son thought this was a cash register and since he seems to have got really excited about having a cash register for Christmas I think that he thought this was an extra present for him.
But I will be attaching this to my bag because it's always useful to have a little calculator when you are out and about.

There are my non-beauty advent calendar items for the 20th and this is probably the best day so far. Although it is quite hard to pick between the calculator and the torch so I think they might be a dead heat for first followed very closely behind by the wax melt.
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