19 December 2015

Day thirteen multi brand advent calendars

I am slowly getting there and here are my day 13 multibrand advent calendars. These are from lookfantastic, marks and spencer and from youbeauty discovery.

The first advent calendar I will open is from marks and spencer.
This advent calendar is a series of boxes and it is really nice illustration of how close we are getting to Christmas as slowly more and more boxes are disappearing from the advent calendar.

Inside the calendar is the liquid yoga restorative bath soak from mio.
According to the packaging it is a personal masseuse in a bottle that is packed with the essential oils. It says that it will help to relax your body and make every muscle ease, it will quiet your mind and it will also help aching legs and feet. I think this is the perfect thing to have in a advent calendar coming up to Christmas especially as a parent as it can all get a rather tiring after a while.
This is in a 53 mL size and is made in the USA.

Next is lookfantastic and it has a description on the front of the door that talks about grape products.

Inside is the caudalie hand and nail cream and according to the packaging it will nourish hands and is in a 30ml size. According to the packet it is also 0% in terms of parabens. 
According to the caudalie website this is a hand cream which includes orange pulp and is softened with almond power with a drop of rosewater to leave the hands protected from damage. It also leaves no greasy film on the hands and is antioxidant and anti ageing to leave the skin silky smooth.
I really like hand cream but I have quite a lot so I m anot sure whether I'm going to use this or if I'm going to give it to my mother but either way I think I will enjoy it or she will enjoy it.

The final door is from youbeauty and it is a fair size aperture.

Inside is a 50 mL tube of the Roger and Gallet replenishing body lotion.
It says that this is made with fig bud and has 24 hour hydration. It also says that is hydrating, nourishing and relaxing and is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. 
On the back of the parking it says that this moisturises and envelops the skin in a relaxing and sensual fragrance and contains 96% natural ingredients.
Sounds really nice and I like body cream so I'll enjoy using this.
On trying this on my hand I can see that it has a fairly watery texture which means a little goes a long way and the smell is mainly floral to my nose but being quite watery it feels a bit like the scent is actually quite weak but the scent is there but I'm unsure how well it sticks to the skin.
But it will be nice to use.

There are my three items for the day 13 multibrand beauty advent calendars. 

All three items are nice but I think my preference would be the bath soak followed by the body lotion followed by the hand and nail cream.

A nice day though and all three items are well worth the money that you have paid for the daily part of the cost of the advent calendar.
Thank you for reading


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