30 November 2014

Tonymoly Red Appletox Honey Cream

Memebox seem to be having an issue getting rid of the cutiepie marzia 2 boxes so have taken to several routes to get rid of the extra stock, why they ever thought getting 5k boxes in the first place is beyond me but that isn't relevant to discuss here.

But, back to topic, they decided to sell off the Tony Moly Red Appletox honey cream apples for $5 and I really couldn't resist and purchased two as they are supposed to be good for dry skin.
So I bought a couple alongside a couple of makeup items and a Benton soothing mist for $30 and also got free shipping.
But back to my thoughts on the Tonymoly Red Appletox Honey Cream.

29 November 2014

Boots' Maxfactor Christmas 2014 free gift box with purchase deal.

I like a good deal and last year Boots had great makeup deals just before Christmas and yesterday I noticed that the deal had started again for this year.
This year if  you spend £15 on maxfactor products you get the gift box for free.
So I leapt on the deal as I wanted the Maxfactor deal and tomorrow I might go look at the others.
But today I want to show you which Maxfactor products I bought and what I got free with those products.

Memebox superbox #75 city girl

I love my inlaws so much as they will often let me have my Christmas presents early if I want to order something and that was what happened this year.
(I d lve them for other reasons too, don't worry.)

When Memebox was still releasing boxes a month or so ago I managed to order this box and three other boxes as my present and to be honest I was torn between this and another box but as there was a similar box which was similar to this which was good I decided on this box.

I have to admit I think I ordered at the right time since they suddenly stopped releasing boxes and since then I have become so jaded by boxes I have received since then and also spoilers of other boxes that I am glad I never purchased.

But, anyway, less rambling and back to unboxing the City Girl box.

27 November 2014

Meaningful beauty products review

I've been quite lucky with the birchbloggers uk program and these are the second items that I have been sent free for review.
The first items were the LAQA & Co lip lubes and this time we went into skincare products to try and I received two items from the Meaningful Beauty which Cindy Crawford has collaborated on with Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh. 

Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh is a french anti ageing specialist and he has collaborated with Cindy Crawford for ten years in order to create skincare to help women get younger fresher skin than they ever thought possible.

Introducing my 2014 advent calendars

Last year I did an advent calendar opening on this blog and this year I have decided to repeat but on a bigger scale.
Last year I bought the Ciate one and the youbeauty one and this year their are four other ones and although I didn't get Ciate I did get youbeautydiscovery again, and this years calendars are as listed below:

Update from me and current Memebox issues

I just have to say that I am really sorry that I have been AWOL recently and have to address the situation that I am indeed a very bad beauty blogger.

Every November is national novel writing month.
During that time and the two camps during the spring and summer I write a novel and normally I am finished by the 17th so can give you most of my attention.

So it was rather unexpected that this time I struggled and only finished today but now I will stick with you and sort out this poor blog and give lots of new content for you lovely people.

I have so many blogposts that I want to do but if anyone has suggestions I am always open to them.
Add the suggestions below if you want a review of any products I have or if you want me to review a certain product. Money/ time permitting I am happy to give you guys what you want.
But anyway back the update.
My advent Calendar reviews will be back again this year and this year I have FIVE to compare.
I will do a post after this one to show you which ones I have and show you the back and front.
Every day I will show you what is in each box for that day and try and research the product and give price for size received.
I really enjoyed it last year and it was popular so hope you will enjoy it again this year too.

Now to the changes with my blog that will be an odd one to anyone who has been following my blog for a while or my youtube channel.
I am quite possibly taking a break, either long or short, from memebox in the new year.

I have a few boxes ordered but other than those I cannot see myself ordering for a while, although that could change.
The site is empty since they expanded into China and I feel a little like we are the child they no longer want. 

A box is released twice a week atm, if we are lucky, and with only two for sale on the site atm I have lost interest. 
Add to that the fact that the prices in the shop can often be beaten by testerkorea or beautynetkorea and I have lost interest in them.
Other issues I won't go into also contribute and in a way I feel a bit like I am breaking up with a very bad boyfriend.
Loving and sweet at first. But now things have gone sour and I am sorry to say but memebox... it's definitely not me, it's all you.

I love you guys and thank you for your support on this blog, on instagram and on my youtube channel.


19 November 2014

Memebox special #45 chocolate mania

This box is the second chocolate box which memebox has released and in general the sequels are not as good so I had less hope for this box than I did if it was the first of the box type.
But thankfully I was wrong and although it has a soap in it which looks like a wagon wheel (the chocolate biscuit) it is actually a really great box.

Memebox superbox #77 foot therapy

I used to have feet which were in good condition but it seemed that as soon as I decided to give my electronic foot file to my mother in law my feet decided to get their revenge on me.

So, as soon as I saw that this footcare box was on sale at Memebox I just had to have it.
Thankfully I had points so it as really cheap but even at full price this box is well worth it.

11 November 2014

Birchbox Uk November 2014

Last month's Birchbox was pretty bad for me and I was happy that this month seemed to compensate for last month.
I have to admit that I thought that last month was my last of my six month but this one was and like last time just before my subscription endedmy last box has convinced me to take another six months on my sub.
It really is a great box and has three full sized items and I will use them all as well as the other sample sized items that I received.

Lovelula November 2014

Lovelula is a box that I have had for a while now and is one that I have on a monthly sub so it must be good as normally if one has a particularly bad box I am inclined to cancel so this one being still active is a good sign.
Although last month's box wasn't my favourite this one is back to their great standard and has four great sized products and a sample and I am really happy.

Youbeautydiscovery November 2014

Normally this is a box which excites me but this month it is rather meh and to be honest the choices were a big sparse for me and in the end it was hard to choose as I wasn't sure if I wanted any but in the end I at least managed to choose two products that I will use but these two I will.
Add to that not amazing extras and I am not amazingly wowed and think this is fighting out with January for my worst box by youbeautydiscovery.

Degustabox October 2014

The last few months of Degustabox have been a bit on the fritz and for me it had been an easy decision to cancel in December however this box has very much changed my mind and I have decided to get another six months when it comes up for redemption in December.
Degustabox is a uk box which contains grocery store food products and costs £12.99 a month or £11.99 if you buy six months.
This one is the november box and contains thirteen items an extra and a voucher.

Nerdblock October 2014

I always look forward to Nerdblock and once again I am very happy to receive this box as it rocks.
Nerdblock is a box with nerdy geeky products in and always includes a T shirt. 
It ships from Canada and costs about £18 a month when converted from US Dollars ($32.49) and is always well worth the price.
This month was a collab and selected by Kevin Smith.

7 November 2014

Memebox global #16

Before all went a little wonky in memeland I received my glbal box and since this is a long delayed unboxing I have a feeling that my global 17 will be here soon.
But here are my thoughts on global 16, the slow burner box.