19 December 2015

Day fourteen multi brand advent calendars

I have to admit I feel a little like the turtle but I am slowly slowly slowly catching up.
Here is my day 14 multibrand advent calendar review.

First is the Marks & Spencer advent calendar and this one feels like a fair size item in the box. I like that these boxes are different from day to day as it comes with variety and I also like that some are gift wrapped in blue tissue paper. 

Inside of the box is this Percy and Reed smoothed, sealed and sensational volumising no oil oil. I have received this before and I have to admit that this is probably not for me as my hair needs anything but more volume as in general it is a bit of a frizzy mess at the moment. I'm not sure that it really likes the winter weather but hopefully it might calm down in the summer.

The next calendar is lookfantastic.

Inside it is 35 mL of the monuspa relaxing Bali massage and body oil.
The description on the pack says it is made from apricot seed, sandalwood and Rosewood oils and that it soothes, calms and promotes relaxation and is suitable for all skin types.
The larger description says that sandalwood helps induce muscular relaxation. It also says that rosewood calms the skin and that apricot seed is in there to soothe the skin which makes it ideal for those with dehydrated, delicate or sensitive skin.

The final item is from youbeauty

Inside the door is 20 g of Burts Bees soap bark and chamomile deep cleansing cream. 
According to the Burts Bees website this is a rich sulphate free facial cleanser that is made with a gentle yet effective plant-based cleansing complex including soap bark and witch hazel. It also says that this lathers richly to clean away excess dirt, oil and make up to leave the skin clean and refreshed. It also says that chamomile, echinacea and aloe help calm the skin and glycerin and cocoa butter help to moisturise the skin.
Sounds very nice and I really look forward to using this for the product specially as it is a LIB beauty award winner for 2015.

So there are my items and for me the preference would be the cleansing cream followed by the no oil oil which would be great when my hair is flatter then the Monuspa.
I have to admit that the Monuspa doesn't really fill me with excitement because I've had products from them in the past I haven't been particularly thrilled with the brand but I am happy to try it.
Thank you for reading.

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