4 December 2015

Day four single brand advent calendars

Another day, another opportunity to try Ciate and Clarins and to be honest I am pretty meh with the items that I received today. Neither I would pick out but such is the luck of the draw.

The first one to open today is Clarins and from the hole I can see that it is a tube rather than a tub.

Inside is 5ml of the Instant concealer. I have looked at the tone of this product though and it is very dark and very orange on my skin and seriously looks like I have been at the fake tan.
Not good on my extremely pale skin and to be honest it will go in the bin.
To be honest not sure how many people it will suit.

As well as the Clarins I also opened the Ciate.

Inside the Ciate today is 5ml of Cutie pie. This is a pale pink that could be used as base coat or on it's own.
It's not really my type of tone but I think people with neutrals would really like it.
As for me, I'm more into purples blues and reds.

So, there are my day four items and at best they are rather meh and at worse I will use neither.
Hope tomorrow is more to my taste.


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