3 December 2015

Day three non beauty advent calendars

The final advent calendars to review today are my non beauty and these consist of two stationery calendars (tinc and smiggle) as well as the busy bee candles advent calendar.

Day three of smiggle has another oddly shaped aperature and too be honest as soon as I saw that my heart dropped a little after fighting over the lollipop yesterday.

Thankfully though, this item actually came out really easily and is a really cute beaded smiggle keyring.

The next advent calendar is tinc and although I really like the brand I realised the large downside to this calendar, which I will explain after showing you the item.

Today's item isn't exactly exciting, a plain pencil with just a written sentence on it.
But other than the underwhelming item I also realised that the other issue with this advent calendar is that there is no plastic inner so the items aren't contained where they should be so when I opened the slot today I found a later days item in there which is frustration. It also means that there is the potential that you could lose items inside it, which would be a PITA.

The final advent calendar to unbox today is fron busy bees candle wax melt advent calendars.

Today's melt is Winter Wonderland and it has a lovely scent of trees to me. Although I haven't been burning anything in the last few days as I have been feeling unwell I have been enjoying candles like Balsam and Cedar this year so this is a much appreciated melt to me.

So there are my non beauty items and in general it is a meh day.
 Not amused by the tinc calendar in general and the pencil is meh but the melt and the keyring is okay.
Roll on tomorrow.


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