11 December 2015

Day nine single brand advent calendars

And now we are on to my single brand calendars. These are great for getting more familiar with a single brand but have less value than the multibrand advent calendars.
I'm not sure that I would get these again unless they were heavily on offer but so far they have given me a good glimpse into Clarins and into Ciate.
But here are my day nine items that will give me some more familiarity.

First is Clarins which has a long thin aperature today.

Today is a sample of the wonder perfect mascara in 01 wonder black. Because of the short date on Mascara I haven't actually opened it but it looks quite interesting. 
On the Clarins website it says that the mascara is a three in one mascara which coats lashes from root to tip, delivers maximum length, curl and volume. It also says that it makes lashes look incredibly glamorous with intense colour and lasting hold. And it will also give you longer, curled and intensely coated lashes after just one application.

Next is Ciate and this aperture gives away that this will not be a polish or a treatment or a topper today. The only thing that that leaves is the nail file.

Inside is a mini crystal nail file.
This is one of the only items that I have tried and I really like it as it leavs my nails really smooth at the tip and it doesn't cause damage on the nails when you use it. Which is great on my nails as my nails do tend to rip and tear a little.

Here are my items today and both are good items. I actually quite enjoyed mascaras but I have a lot so I'm not sure whether I will use this myself or whether I will give it to my aunt. However I will definitely use the crystal nail file as I find that they are gentle on my nails and they give my nails a really good shape without damaging them.

Really good day today though.
Roll on tomorrow

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