8 December 2015

Day eight single brand

The single brand advent calendar are always quite useful if you wanna try particular brand out and this year I am particularly interested in trying out the Clarins and I also got this Ciate one because I got it on an offer code.
But, enough of that and I'll show you what items I got today on 8 December:

The Ciate has a nice picture today and it looks like a picture of Buckingham Palace. 
I have to admit that I really do love the London design of this advent calendar.

In the calendar today is a bottle of Ciate nail topper.
This is in chalet chic and is a glitter that you pour over the nail once you have painted the nails initially.
I have to admit that I received some of these two years ago but I haven't actually used them because they seem a bit of a messy way of applying glitter.
Maybe when I feel a little braver I will try them.

Next is the Clarins advent calendar.

In the advent calendar today is a 5ml sample of the one step gentle exfoliating cleanser.
According to the packaging this is for all skin types and has orange extract in it. It has a orange scent and it is a chemical exfoliator rather than a manual exfoliator because I cannot feel any granules within it.
According to the website this is a cleanser and toner in one and has a dual action antipollution effect with gentle orange and moringa seed extracts. This helps to remove every last trace of make up, impurities and dry cells and helps to give the skin a natural radiance.
Sounds interesting.

They are my day eight items and they look quite interesting. I have to admit that I wouldn't choose either but they will be nice to try out, especially the cleanser.

Roll on tomorrow 


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