31 January 2014

Xenca perfection lipstick 'cherry' review

After my flying leap on Wednesday I have been feeling pretty down and medicating with food so I was extremely relieved when my hubby went to get me my parcel that I missed yesterday and thankfully it wasn't something edible. 

It was even better than chocolates, anyone who knows me knows that is an unusual thing for me to say, especially as I am unwell and generally a comfort eater!
Enclosed in my parcel  was my Xenca perfection lipstick in cherry and I am totally in love. I received another one of these lipsticks in my first souksouk box in the colour 'spice', more info on this can be found here, and I immediately fell in love with the creamy texture and intense colour of that lipstick and the colour on this lipstick is no different. It is as highly pigmented as spice although it is less neutral and more of a 'statement red' colour.

These two lipsticks are from their organic lipstick line and these are made in Italy and they contain sweet almond oil and Shea butter to condition your lips. 
This makes them creamy and they feel really creamy on your lips and feel a bit like a balm as they don't leave your lips dry like some other lipsticks I have used.

The packaging is mainly cardboard and this makes this product stand out with it's individuality and it's eco credentials. I like that they are both sheek and eco.

When swatched on my hand it was a vivid red with pink undertones and I really liked it and it lived up to my hopes of being my perfect red 'wow' lipstick.

I am sorry it is a freaky up close pic and isn't the neatest application of lipstick but I wanted to show you how vivid the colour is on my lips. It was great against my very pale skin and would suit most, if not all, skin tones in my opinion. 
It was also great to find such a vivid red as I have fairly dark lips anyhow and lighter colours don't show up well and to my eye look a bit odd.

The lipstick was long wearing and didn't bleed a lot. It is very easy to apply due to the solid but creamy consistency and I like it a lot.
It is a definite favourite lip product of mine at the moment and I will definitely look at the other products in their organic cosmetics range to buy them after my spending ban is up on my birthday in March.

A great colour in a great product. 
The products also have no animal products and they don't believe in animal testing. 

More info on this product can be found here.


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30 January 2014

Peel off passion mask... Smells divine. Picture review.

Well, I managed to injure myself quite badly yesterday after I fell over something my toddler left on the floor so I needed to pamper myself. I decided to do the second mask from this month's glossybox and it is the Peel Off Passion mask by Montague that contains pomegranate and Passion flower.

It takes a while to dry but I love love love the smell. To me it smells like tropical fruit and I really love the smell.

It smelled really nice and there was more than enough for my whole face. Apologise for my hair but with my current injury I am in bed most of the time as it hurts so much.

When applied it looks very red and a bit like you have a nasty illness, which is fitting at the moment as I am ill. 

It came off quite easily once it started to be pulled off but when it was removed it left my skin feeling clean and refreshed. In my opinion for £1.09 it was excellent value and I would definitely buy it again.

Hope you having a good day.
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Thanks for reading.

Glossybox replacement products arrived.

Anyone who has read my glossybox review from this month will have seen that I got a faulty puffy the eye bag slayer and I was going to contact them. Well I did and in reply they apologised and said they would send me a replacement and today I received my replacement product.

They also sent me a little sorry card and a Murad clarifying mask. I received one the last time I had a faulty product and I am ever so happy to have another as I really like it. I also get two more chances to try the eye bag slayers and see if they can make any difference the other two times.

Thank you glossybox for your prompt treatment and I am really happy with the response and speed of postage.


29 January 2014

Clearer skin... New cleanser?

I woke yesterday feeling like I had been slapped. I had very little sleep the night before as my insomnia hit and being an inspiring author I have my characters in my head and that night one of them wanted me to write.
 It has been a while since NANOWRIMO in November and since then I have had minor burnout but last night the brother of the main characters in the first book wanted out.
Sorry, I sound crazy and I regress. Back to my skin.

The following day my skin felt very angry and the spot on my nose seemed to be gathering supporters in the 'make Jane's skin feel like it has been attacked by sandpaper' camp. My skin felt worse than it has in years.
So I went about my normal business, using a new cleanser in the morning and evening last night but otherwise my skin routine was as normal.

So, I woke this morning, expecting to be mistaken as sand paper again but instead my skin feels softer than it has in years. The spot on my nose has finally stopped trying to torture me and my cheek no longer feels like I have been slapped, always a bonus if you hate that sort of thing.

It could be a coincidence but I started using this the day before last and wondered if it was fluke or was this product.
This is the Face Soap and Clarity 3 in 1 daily detox vitamin c facial wash. It smells divine and apparently has a super fruit Yuzu complex, which I have no idea what it is but it sounds good.

I didn't enjoy using this the first time I tried it due to the pink exfoliating particles within it irritating my skin as I wasn't used to it after never using anything like that before. After seeing the effects of it though I am a convert and definitely like it more than the previous cleanser if the good complexion continues.

I got this at the beginning of the year using a voucher and it was already on sale so it was quite a good deal as it was double deduction. I know it is often on 3 for 2 so will buy again when promo is good and I want to try out other soap and glory products.

Let's hope it will.


Degustabox January 2014 (may contain spoilers)

My second degustabox has arrived today and I am extremely excited. I really loved my December box and I hope this ones as exciting as the last one.

As before the box has brown paper in it and thankful no polystyrene bullets or paper 'worms' that Edward can spread all over my house as he does with my beauty boxes.
So what is in my box?

The first item is two packets of Goody Good Stuff sweeties. I have had these before in other food boxes and really like them. These sweets are gelatin free, fat free, dairy free, gluten free and have all natural colours and flavours. I got them in Tropical fruit and sour mix and match.
I really look forward to eating these and one packet was opened when they arrived and sadly Edward, mr savoury generally, likes them too as might have to hide them when he isn't looking.
These are worth £3 for the two packs.

The second item is the Zico coconut water chocolate. I really love coconut water and drank it a lot when I dieted prior to Edward but unfortunately I don't really like this and I am not too fussy on my drinks. It was overly sweet to me and I have a sweet tooth.
I might buy the plain one but not this one.
This has a rrp of £2.

The next item is the go! Kombucha fermented raw tea china white smooth & fragrant. This is a low calorie and natural alternative to a fizzy drink. I like ice tea and this one has a real kick to it but tastes really nice. I like it a lot although the taste is not one I am accustomed to.
This has a rrp of £2.19.

The next item is a can of Amy's kitchen chunky tomato soup. It is an organic soup that is wheat and dairy free. I might enjoy this as I like tomato soup and it would also be great for all the family as it is all natural. 
This has a rrp of £1.69.

Next is a pack of Lasagna Garo Lalo and this has come at a perfect time for me as it is lasagne night tonight and I will use this instead of the Asda one in my cupboard, I like that it is authentically Italian. 
This seems to be an extra in my box and has such good time. Thank you mrs or mr degustabox for that as I can use it tonight.

Next are two packets of so juicy by Maggi and a packet of so tender by Maggi. I really like the bags are included in these so they are no fuss and will really enjoy using these as they are the sort of thing we would buy if they were on promotion in Asda. I have them in so tender Italian herbs chicken, so juicy Mexican chicken and so juicy sticky BBQ for chicken.
I especially look forward to the BBQ... Yum yum.
These cost 99p and at that price I would buy again. So they are worth £2.97.

Next is a packet of Jules Destrooper butter crisps. These look like fancy pants biscuits and not something we would normally buy. They seem fairly natural when I look at the ingredient lists and would be great to snack on.
Not something I normally buy but nice to try.
This has a rrp of £1.19 and look really expensive. Very impressed.

Next is a packet of Alice & Oscar's quinola mother grain express quinoa in pearl & black quinoa. I know will definitely use these as we love quinoa but rarely eat so it will be a great addition to bring some variation in our diets. 
Wow, the ingredient list is great with only four ingredients so I am happy by the purity of the product and if I like it I will definitely look out for it in store.
This has a rrp of £2.55.

The last item in the box is a packet of Dorset cereals berry granola. I love this but rarely buy it as it is on the costlier item range for this so I love this as an addition on the box, especially as Paul will definitely eat it too.
A really great item that makes the box feel high end.
This has a rrp of £3.79.

This is a great box, although feels a lot more gourmet than the first so I was surprised. Bar the chocolate drink I would probably buy these sort of items at the supermarket. 
I really look forward to the February box. Bring on more boxes I say.
The contents, not including the lasagna, have a rrp total worth of £19.38 which I am very happy with.

More info on this box is here and according it to site by signing up with it you get a fiver off your first box and I get some points so it is win win for us both if you like what you see and want to sign up.


27 January 2014

January 2014 empties

I can't believe that January is almost already gone. Last year flew by and it looks like this will be the same if January is any indication. Sometimes I worry about that. My son is so little at the moment but he is growing ever so fast and every day he gets more language or learns new skill. 
Anyway, off I drift off again. I apologise for lapses of attention but my momma head is on at the moment.

It's January 2014 (wow 2014) empties.

The first of my empties this month is a product the company has discontinued as it was limited edition and this has made me very sad. This is the Yves Rocher Collection cacao Cocoa & raspberry perfumed shower gel. 
Both scents are equally represented, with the chocolate being a definite undertone to me. This makes me hungry for chocolate, potentially dangerous if, like me, you are trying to lose weight.
I have been using this for Edward's baths and one of the best ways to get him into the bath, if he is being reluctant, is to tell him he is getting bubbles and general he then wants to get in right now. With this product he gets great bubbles and an amazing scent.
It was also really inexpensive, yet feels quality.
Please mr, or mrs, Yves Rocher please bring this back next Christmas so I can buy it again. 

The next empty is a 25ml tube of Green People Make up remover. This was one of the two cream cleansers I have used this month and this was rather effective and extremely gentle, not reacting with my sensitive skin or hurting my eyes. It has a slight floral scent to me, as it contains aloe Vera, chamomile and marshmallow and is 91% organic.
It was effective and left my skin well cleansed and is ideal for sensitive skin. Also vegan and not tested on animals.

These are three empty bath oils from this month. 
On the left is the indulge bath and shower oil from balmbalm. I manage to get three baths from these oils, making them extremely economic compared to a bath bomb as with this oils the scents linger, whereas I find the scents of bath bombs don't linger and they are a nightmare to clean up after. These oils are 100% organic so are a very natural product.

In the middle is the Lavendula bath and body oil by Ancienne Ambiance and this product is incredible. Along with my weight and tastes in food and drink, such as coffee, my tastes changed a lot during and after my pregnancy and one thing that changed was my tolerance to lavender. Pre Edward I really couldn't go anywhere near lavender without getting a migraine but since I haven't had a migraine from it.
This has been a huge bonus as I could use this product with no ill effects. It is all natural, mostly organic, and not tested on animals.
I have really issues sleeping most of the time but this product was amazing as I really had to be careful not to use it when really tired as one night I very nearly fell asleep in the bath water that contained this oil.
I have never done that before and to be honest I would definitely use it again. It might seem expensive but like all oils a little goes a long way.
Wow, just wow.

On the right is my Inner Strength oil by aromatherapy associates and I received this from my advent calendar by youbeautydiscovery and I actually have another to use. It has a very strong scent and was great for clearing my sinuses when I had my cold after Christmas. 
A little goes away with this oil and I like that the scent is invigorating for a day time bath, although usually I have to wait until my son is in bed to get a bath so it is a rare luxury that this oil is perfect for.

Next is probably my hero hair products of the last year. This is the Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Masque and I only discovered this in my Birchbox Christmas box but is incredible.
I use it on my in between washing my hair days as a stand alone cleansing product to refresh it. I have to admit I only wash my hair every four days or so as my hair gets too dry otherwise and this is great to keep the softness, as well as giving my hair an amazing scent, in the meantime. 
I finished this product this month but last month I purchased the 500ml pot from Amazon as I was worried about running out. For a person who rarely repurchases anything, and certainly not in advance, I suppose it is a clear indication on my feelings on this product.
So great.

Next is the trilogy Rosapene Night cream and I love love love this. It sinks into my skin and isn't too heavy, so it doesn't feel like you are masking your face,and smells very strongly of rosehips.
Anyone who has read my reviews a bit knows I love all things rose and rosehips and this is no exception. I received this in my youbeautydiscovery calendar and I am currently using the one I received from my second, half price, calendar. I may well buy a full sized one in the future after using other creams in my haul, or maybe after using this one up, and I would definitely recommend this night cream, although if you hate rosehip smells you'll hate this cream.

This is the other cream cleanser I have used this month. This is the Weleda Gentle Cleansing milk. It is only a tiny sample at 10ml and was kind on my skin and eyes. It has a lotion smells with botanical notes and was great and effective to use but sadly I am unlikely to repurchase as it was too small to make a comprehensive opinion and I have a lot of cleansers to try out before I decide on any one. Great, does the job but one of many I have tried.

This was a surprise addition to my empties this month due to it being a sealed unit. I received this in my youbeautydiscovery box in December so it has last seven weeks and I was really sad when I pushed it down and none came out. It did sting my eyes a little but I carried on using it as it is a great cream. It seemed to make my eye bags a little less noticeably and irradicated the fine lines that were really visible before.
I may well purchase this after my spending amnesty and would definitely recommend it to the other people as it was easy to use, not sticky or heavy and quite effective for me.

So, there are my empties for this month. What have you use up this month? Have you used any of these products and got any opinions?
Hope you are enjoying the year so far and all is going well for you.

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Greenland products... fresh scents, natural extracts, incredible products

Greenland sent me some products to review this week and I am very happy to write this review as the products they sent me are incredible. 
Free or purchased for cash by myself, I will always offer my honest opinion, bad or good, and like to be able to recommend with a clear conscience.

Greenland are a company that are dedicated to producing bath and body products that are based on natural and organic ingredients. For me this gives me extra assurance as both me and my son do seem to get mild allergies to some chemicals in products and as well as that both Paul and I suffering from mild eczema. 

I knew very little about this brand prior to receiving the products and doing this review so that the products could 'talk for themselves'.

The first product I received was the Pure & White certified organic BODYlotion VITALIZING lime & vanilla.
First thing I noticed with this product, obviously, is the packaging and the way it is applied. It is a pump applicator and this means it is easier to regulate the amount of product that it gives you so none will go to waste and your money goes further and the product lasts longer.

The product is quite thick and this means a little goes a long way. To me, it smells like what I would imagine a lime cocktail, one with a lovely paper umbrella, would. I love citrus so I am in heaven as this makes me think of exotic places and beach holidays and makes some of my winter blues abate. 
Anything product that does that is a star product to me.
This has a rrp of £12.95 for 150ml.

The second product I received was the hand cream mint-lavender. The packaging is sturdy and practical yet quite pretty. I really love the metal pot as it is ideal to go in my handbag so I can use it out and about as it very cold at the moment in the UK, although I know some countries are having a worse time than we are at the moment.
Sadly the cold also makes my eczema act up and this product will be great for that as it is so moisturising.

I loved the almost whipped cream texture of this hand cream. 
It sank into the skin effortlessly and the mint smells made me grown with love for the smell. It is a really pure mint smell to me and I love that the lavender is only a undertone.
This has an rrp of £6.95 for 50ml and after the spending ban I am on atm I will definitely buy the lime vanilla one as I want one to match my body lotion as I need more of that scent in my life.

The third product is the fruit extracts raspberry shower gel. I have no shower but I have used this for my son's bath tonight. 
It has no parabens and no artificial colour ants and tells me it is made from just extracts. 
The scent is a pure raspberry scent and I love that it doesn't smell artificial, as some products do as they have articial scents added to them. 
A definite bonus that they are Ph balanced too as they will be gentle on the skin.
The rrp on this is £5.95 for 200ml which is comparable to mid range shower gels and seems good value as the scent sticks and a little goes a long way and bubbled nicely.

So, in conclusion, I really love to discover new brands and products and these are a great discovery for me. They all smell amazingly fresh and they smell like they are labelled and they don't smell overly sweet or artificial. I will definitely buy from them again and especially love their hand creams.

More info can be found on this brand here.

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Hope you are having a good day.


picture review: anatomicals puffy the eye bag slayer

Take one scary, tired mom.

Add a product I got in this months glossybox by anatomicals.

Add product to scary eye bags for half an hour, then take another picture... Cheeeese.

... And poof. Thirty minutes of YouTube watching later.. I see no real difference.

Don't know whether it is only me it hasn't worked for but my eye bags are still nasty and the slayer makes my eyes feel a little more refreshed but that is all. 
I love the anatomicals no bags allowed cream as it is very soothing but I don't think I would buy these patches again as £2 is a lot per use and I would expect more. Sorry mr anatomicals but that is my view. Maybe they can tell me if I did them wrong and someone can point out where it went wrong.
Maybe I am a cheapskate for two pounds and no effect but things are as they are.

Thanks for reading. I hope you are having a lovely day.


26 January 2014

Comparison photos January 2014 beauty box photos....

People always ask me which box I recommend and I always answer honestly but to be honest it is hard to answer as every person wants something different from beauty boxes as we are all, thankfully, different. 
So, instead, this month I have decided to give quick round up pictures and basic descriptions of the five boxes.
Also included links to the review of the box. 

First is my least expensive at £6.95 and this is the youbeautydiscovery box. I didn't get a total for this box but it was probably worth at least double the box cost. It tends to be really good value every month, although this has been my least favourite month so far. Also included this month was a foil sample and a sample of pop chips.

Next is my glossybox box. Not included in this pic is one eye bag slayer, that burst, and 50ml of balanceMe super toning body wash. Contents worth around £16.

This is my Souksouk box. It was my first box by this brand and it was really good. Contents worth £21.50.

This is my birchbox. It had a really good selection but only make up product was the primer. The contents were worth £22.80.

The last box is my love Me Beauty box and was the one with the most selection. The contents were worth £37.79.

So there are my five beauty boxes this month. Some more vary from person to person but those are mine. Roll on February and I can't wait for my food box in a few days. 


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Hotel chocolat order

At the beginning of the week I ordered some chocolates from Hotel Chocolat and the following day they arrived. They had a 70% off sale on at that point so they were substantial less than normal and I also found a code for free delivery on the money saving expert forum so it was double saving.

I only ordered three items but they were in a beautiful box and for only £10.65. 

On the left is a packet of eight tiddly reindeers in 40% milk chocolate! these have a best before date of July so they will probably be regifted to Paul for his 43rd birthday in April.

In the middle is the Classic Christmas Selection that contains twenty six chocolates and this item is for me instead of my quarterly fortified selection next month as this was a fraction of the price as it was heavily discounted.

The final item, on the right, is a a mince pies & milk selection pack. This has 80g of pralines with salted caramel and white chocolate truffles. These are likely to be part of Paul's birthday haul too. 

I am really happy with the amount I got for my money and with the free postage it was a total steal. More info can be found on this company here and at the moment (26/01/14) the sale is still on.

Hope you are having a lovely day.


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Getting the bzz again.

I am my mothers child... Hardly a surprising fact but one none the less. When I grew up my mother loved a bargain and I am exactly the same. Auntie Bitty says my grandma was the same. For me the words 'sale', 'bargain' or 'free' are beacons, but if you have read my blog a bit you can tell that.
Something for nothing is even better.

I have recently signed up to be a bzzagent again and a few days ago I was offered my first campaign. I will be sent two free compressed deodorants and I am really excited as bzz campaigns used to be lots of fun when I did them years ago. Can't wait.

If you want to join too more info can be found Here and as it is free to join and potentially you get free stuff for only giving your truthful opinion on free stuff and doing surveys.
A great thing if you like a bargain like me.


25 January 2014

Dotcomgiftshop jewellery sale

My dotcomgiftshop sale order came yesterday but I missed it, as I was at the in laws, so Paul ran off to collect it this morning, while Edward stayed behind and mugged my poor teddy bears. 
I got some jewellery from this online site as it was 90% off the rrp and I wanted some fashion jewellery to wear day to day to cheer me up and I love a bargain so I thought why not. 
So what did I get, how much did it cost and what was it like?

The first order I received was the Montana cluster necklace for £2.29.
When worn it dips down into the bust line with a pronounced V of beads. It is really funky with an assortment of beads in an assortment of colours. A real statement piece and a great bargain for the price. I particularly love the rose beads away from the main beads as they are so feminine and delicate. 
I would definitely purchase again and have wore this today and really love it.

The next item I ordered was the pink mini crystals necklace for £1.19.
This is made from sequins and beads and is really funky and flirty. It dips low and is very very long. It would be great with black clothes as it would add a large splash of individual style and some colour.

The next thing I bought was the Ivory Gold Metal Bag Charm for £1.19.

As you can see it looks great on my bag and monkey looks thrilled with it. It made a great contrast against the pink and jingle jangles when I walk.

The next thing was the Pink Glass Charm bracelet for £2.19.
It has some beautiful charms among the beads that include a cupid, a heart and a leaf and it is really feminine and funky. The beads seem really good quality and it is a real bargain for the price.

The next item is the Crystal Hoop Earrings for 69p, yes, that is correct 69p. 
They hang slightly and have a crystal stone resting above a tiny metal flower. They are really pretty and after a very long period of not wearing earrings I wore they today and I really loved them. They made me happy and look great and definitely don't look cheap. I love that they look great as that means the bargains is even more amazing. 
They make me think is that I need more earrings, and that is bad due to my spending ban atm. 

The next item is the Red Enamel Flower Ring that was purchased for 69p. 
It has a simple copper adjustable band which is attached to this amazing red enamel flower. I absolutely love the way it looks on my dinky hand and would pay the rrp as it is so fun and funky as a piece of costume jewellery.

The last item in my order is the Green Enamel Flower Ring that was also 69p. 
It is identical too the red one but in a different colour. It is equally beautiful when I want to wear a different colour and aren't in a red or pink mood.

Postage on the site under £50 was £2.95 so my order was under twelve pounds, which was a complete bargain in my eyes. Postage was fast with my order received in less than a week.
Everything will be worn again and seems substantial. I especially love the earrings and the rings. I have wore three items, the Montana necklace, the red flower ring and the earrings today and I felt they added something to my outfit. I would love more of the rings and hope they are still on sale in March so I can buy more.

More information on the company can be found here and atm there is a lot in the sale with jewellery still 90% off.
Such a great bargain.

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Hope you are having a lovely day.