22 December 2015

day twenty one single brand advent calendars

So close but so far to Christmas but here are my day 21 single brand calendar reviews for my Clarins and Ciate advent calendars.

An elaborately decorated door for Clarins for day 21

Inside there is a 5 mL Tube are hydraQuench cream. This is a moisturiser for normal to dry skin.
This contains boreal Mulberry oil which is rich in fatty acid to help eliminate the feeling of tension in dry skin and to also give intense hydration to the skin.
For the winter this is absolutely perfect for me as my skin does lack hydration all year round but especially in the winter. I will enjoy using this product very much.

Next is Ciate.

This is a 5 mL size bottle of prima Ballerina nail polish. This is a pale brown colour and to be honest this is not what I would normally wear on my nails. I haven't tried it but I don't think it will be a favourite because I tend to like pastel blues and yellows and this is anything but.

There are my samples today and my preference is definitely the cream today. The varnish is okay but it's not in a colour that I would normally pick and it would be hard to beat the cream anyway because it is absolutely perfect for my skin type. 
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