2 September 2017

Lush is going solid with new Naked shower gels and I feel cynical

Sometimes, I get the feeling that either a company is going down a path that just makes no sense or that I am just getting old, and perhaps I am just not down with the kids any more.
Lush has been giving me that vibe in the last few days.

Having used Lush for almost twenty years as there was a shop in Birmingham city centre when I was a teen, I have seen things come and go such as Bnever and their beautiful cosmetic containers, bubble bars bought by weight, ladyboy perfume (I must not cry that it may never come to the kitchen), and also seen a fair few of the products I used in my late teens/ early twenties discontinued.

But, despite seeing all those things, I have not quite seen any products quite like those being introduced in the lush kitchen this week, and assuming coming to a shop near you soon.

In an attempt to remove the packaging from their products they are making a few more products solid.
They have already made their shower smoothies solid in the uk to the most part and I have avoided those, but I get the principle, but now they have decided to turn this idea onto their shower gel.

To be fair I can’t tell you about my reaction to this, as well as the price increases which occurred on the first of September. 
I do not swear on my blog. 
Well, I don’t think I ever have, but my reaction was not great when I heard about the solid shower gels.

In a country where the general default weather is rain, rain and perhaps some more rain, the general idea of having a product that was once in a plastic bottle in a format that is now able to dissolve in the rain is probably not the best idea. 
Especially when you transport your lush products home in a paper bag.

Granted they are claiming they are not going to melt, unlike the solid body conditioners, but that is not a huge issue in the UK, but in my mind they will still be ‘interesting’ after a rain storm.
They are also harking back to the little bubble bath balls that you used to buy as a child in the 80s or 90s in the Body Shop, if you were a 1970/80s baby.I think you can still buy them in some places but not seen them for a while. (But I digress here)

I am waiting to be convinced otherwise, but to me this is definitely not a forward move, solid shower gels, and to me there are advantages but they aren't necessarily pluses to the end user and these are:
It will save them money for the plastic bottles. 
They can charge a premium, £9.75, for a product that will potentially get wet on someone’s journey on the way back from a store, becoming nothing but a soggy mess. 
They will be a nuisance to store as the potential of cross contamination with other scents is higher than when they are in plastic bottles, where the chance is nigh on normal.
They cannot be stored in a bathroom either as the water in the atmosphere may also cause damage to them too.

Also, isn't this just fancy soap and the solid body conditioners are just fancy gourmet soap? 

I have also read that a major ingredient used to make them solid will be seaweed.
And if so, won't they also use shed loads of seaweed from our coast line which is free to them, if they are using the seaweed from wild rather than farmed sources, but is an important part of the ecology at the seaside.
In the natural world is has a purpose of filtering the seawater so that the levels of certain nutrients such as  ammonia, ammonium nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, iron and copper do not reach damaging levels for the local wildlife. 
They may only take the tips, according to the website, but as their needs increase they will be taking more to keep up with demand.

Definitely food for thought alongside the whole Britain is a very wet country issue. 
But they could be amazing so I will have to wait and see but these are my current musings.

the cynic

23 August 2017

Where have I been? (23/08/17 update)

I'm not sure how many people will read this, as this blog has been effectively dead for quite a few months, but I just want to update anyone who is reading this to my current situation.
Since Christmas, things have been go go go for my family and bean started school in September. 
So, we spent the year at school dealing with some schooling issues for bean and also making sure that he learned to read well (shortening the length of time I have had to spend with Biff and Chip- Thank the Lord for that!). 
That has been our priority, quite rightly in my view.

At the moment, though, this blog, and my life, is in a transition and I very much doubt that it will ever return as purely a beauty blog and will return as a life blog detailing books and candles and advent calendars.
But, going on my life in the last few years, I'd never say never in terms of it being a part time beauty blog!


2 December 2016

Day two

It is the second of December and after some lovely goodies yesterday I am looking forward to getting more goodies today.

The first advent calendar that I will reveal today is by busy bee candles.

Today is a melt in the scent 'Christmas Cookie'. It is a sweet scent that is rather like the cookie scents from the larger companies and these scents are a mainstay of the christmas lines for many customers and for me this will be a great year round melt scent.

The next advent calendar today is by Youbeauty and this has a small aperture today.

Inside the number two door is this Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in the shade Rose. 
It has a lovely red tint and looking at the ingredients I am quite happy as the four largest ingredients in this lip balm are coconut oil, vegetable oil, beeswax and olive oil. 
On trying it I found that it was very soft on the lips and was very moisturising but looking at the ingredients it's not really surprising. 
this is also not tested on animals and I like the brand so really happy to receive this today.

Next is smiggle and we are opening up the snowmans chest today.

Inside are these wind up teeth. These are really cute and I will probably put these in Bean's stocking as he will really love using these.
My favourite item today for sure.

Next is tinc with a long thin box. I have to admit that I really like that there are boxes this year  as they give me so interest and it is like I am getting a little present every day (maybe next year I'll stick to only ones in this format for my own amusement).

Inside the box is a rather cute snowman pen. It has blue ink and is an item that will be very useful as I am forever losing pens.
Just hope I don't lose this cutie.

The final advent calendar today is from asos and this is a larger aperture than youbeauty.

Inside is this 5g packet of Batiste Stylist XXL Plumping powder. This looks really interesting and if my hair didn't stand on end I would really enjoy it but with hair like mine it is best given to someone else.

So, there are my items for today and it looks to be a great day and I can use all but the batiste powder and I am pretty sure if my hair was different I would probably enjoy that too.
But for me the order of preference would be:
1. Smiggle wind up teeth
2. Youbeauty burts bees lip balm
3. Tinc pen
4. Busy bee candles christmas cookie melt
5. Asos batiste xxl plumping powder.

Thankyou for reading.