22 December 2015

day sixteen nonbeauty advent calendars

Here are my non-beauty advent calendars for 16 December.

The first advent calendar is busy bee candles

This is in the scent Ginger Christmas and to me this smells exactly like ginger and also a bit like cake and it is really sweet and I like it as I like the festive scents a lot.

Next is the tinc advent calendar and this has another very festive door today with a parcel stack all ready for a lucky child to unwrap.

I received a small Santas hat eraser and this is really cute and it will be great to use. I will probably keep this myself and either put it out on display or actually use it with my notebooks when I write.

The Final item is by Smiggle and it is a small crocodile pencil sharpener. I really like this as this is a novelty pencil sharpener as I have received a tinc pencil sharpener earlier in advent and it was just a normal pencil sharpener. I like that this one is a bit more special.

There are all my items and I think my preference would be the Santa's hat followed by the pencil sharpener followed by the ginger Christmas scent melt.
It was a really nice day though and the scent melt is particularly nice as it is a festive scent.
Thank you for reading

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