24 December 2015

Day seventeen multi brand advent calendars

Here are my day 17 multi brand advent calendars. Day16 was very nice so I'm hoping that day 17 is even nicer. But here are the items that I received.

First is my youbeauty Advent calendar.

Inside is a full-sized tube of Lanolips 101 ointment.
This is made from 100% pure medical grade lanolin and is a heavy duty ointment which can be used in multiple places such as on the lips, cuticles, on dry itchy skin, dry nasal passages and other areas.
It is also vegetarian and baby friendly and 100% colour free.
I will probably try this on my elbows or on my lips when they are chapped.

Next is look fantastic.

Inside is a full-sized scandaleyes mascara by rimmel.
On the rimmel website they say that this is the mascara that will give you the largest volume, just like you are wearing false lashes.
For me this is just one of many mascara I've had not just over advent but over the last year and to be honest I have so many that this does not really thrill me completely.
I'm not even sure if I will use this as I so rarely use mascara anyway.

The final item is from Marks & Spencer is this Swell ultimate volume masque.
As my hair is quite dry I do enjoy using hair masques and this one looks quite interesting.
According to the Marks & Spencers website this helps to repair and hydrate tired and colour processed hair without weighing it down.
It is interesting as well because it has no silicones, no parabens, no SLS and it is also supposed to have no build up and also it's supposed to be minimum of 97% natural source.

The only problem I have with this one is that it supposed to give extra volume for your hair and to be honest I don't need extra volume in my hair because it is quite large anyway, which is one of many reasons I keep it long.
I will use it though and see what it is like specially as it supposed to be really good with detangling.

There are my items for my multibrand advent calendars for 17 December. For me my favourite would probably be the lanolips followed by the swell then the mascara.
Thank you for reading

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