13 December 2015

Day ten single

Here is the final review for my day 10 advent calendars and this is my single brand event calendars, which come from Clarins and Ciate.

The aperture today for Clarins is quite small and makes me wonder what is inside.

Inside is a 3ml sample of their mission perfection serum.
This says on the packaging that it is a dark spot corrector and it will even skintone and give it healthy radiance.
I'm not too sure how I feel about such a small sample but I think this will only do a few uses.

According to the Clarins website this will help with age spots, discolouration, dark marks, marks from acne, dullness and redness.
It looks like an interesting product and has ingredients such as Acerola extract which is a Clarins discovery.

According to the pricing on this site this is worth about 5 pounds for the small sample that we have received but for me this is a very expensive for such a small sample and as most of my skincare is Korean and works well with my skin I'm not sure that I would ever spend this amount on a serum so am unlikely to buy the full sized product.

The second and last advent calendar today for my single brand calendars is Ciate and we are back to a nail varnish shaped aperture.

Inside is a five mil bottle of the knight in shining armour which is their overnight nail mask. According to the Ciate website this is an overnight nail mask  that has a unique wash off formulation and will enrich the nails with Marula oil to hydrate, brighten, revitalise and restore the nails and also contains Urea which helps to moisturise the nails and hydrate them.

So, there are all my items for today and for me the nail mask is definitely preferable to the serum. The serum looks interesting but it definitely is not the type of item that I would buy, due to the price point. But it will be nice to try.
Thank you for reading.


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