3 December 2015

Day three single brand advent calendar

As well as my multi brand advent calendars I have also opened the single brand advent calendars today and for me it has been a good day again as  I get to try more Clarins and also it is a colour I like from Ciate.
But enough talking, here they are:

I had to fight to get my Clarins out today and mangled the door.

Inside Clarins today was the Instant eye make up remover in a 10ml size.
It is a small size but will give a few uses on a cotton pad. 
According to the Clarins site it has bi phase function with ultra fine oils to help to cleanse off the makeup as well as soften the skin and it also contains rose and cornflower waters to moisturise the skin.
Sounds good but I rarely wear eye make up and even when I do I tend to use micellar water.
This has a value of about £1.52 if I calculate it by gram.

As well as the Clarins there is also the Ciate advent calendar and today the door is quite plain.

Inside, though, is a 5ml bottle of pom pom nail polish. This is a delicious pinky red colour and it would be fab both as a festive colour as well as in the spring and summer.
It's really beautiful.

So, there are my Ciate and Clarins and all in all I am quite happy.
Roll on tomorrow.

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