18 December 2015

Day fourteen single brand advent calendars

After addressing how I feel about the single brand advent calendars at the beginning of day 13 I don't need to address that again so I'll go straight into my review.

Day 14 of ciate is another plain door but this one has a snow print on it.

But inside the door is anything but plain. I think that this is a really jazzy colour.
This is a nail varnish in the shade Raspberry Collins. 
This is the most delicious raspberry colour and I think that this would be great to wear all year round as it isn't really a colour that will go out of style at any time of the year and it would also be absolutely wonderful with the glitter overlay.
It is the sort of colour that I really really like and the actual colour is quite unusual and I have not actually got a colour like this so I'm really happy.
A real happy bunny with one.

Next is Clarins which has a more decorated door.

Inside is 10mls of the Clarins instant light radiant boosting complexion base.
This is in the shade 01 and blends in nicely on my skin when I tried on my hand. It gives a nice sheen to the skin and looks to be a illuminator for the skin.
According to the Clarins the website however this is a lightweight base to give  illuminated skin and a flawless finish. It also says that it hydrates and soothes the skin with the katafray bark extract.
So it looks like it is a lightweight foundation.

This looks quite interesting and is light enough to use it on my very light skin. Also 10ml in this sort of product is actually a fair size to test out.

I am really pleased with my day 14 items for my single brand advent calendar and for me it was one of the best days for the single brand advent calendars so far.
The raspberry Collins polish is absolutely beautiful and I really like the base and will look forward to using it especially as it says that it is moisturising.

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