28 August 2014

Wantable makeup box august 2014

I have signed up for wantable again to see if the service will please me more this time. 
I had a bit of a nightmare last time as they insisted a brown bronzer was a blusher and a brown lipstick was a coral. 
It wasn't and I cancelled back then but after cancelling some other boxes I decided to try this out again.

So this is my August box and I have ordered a September box to see what it is like now. 
I have quite a lot of restrictions in this box and thankfully their customisation of boxes through a survey pleases me as I won't be receiving items I can't use from them such as eyeliners and bronzers thanks to ther survey where you can tell them you dislike something so you won't receive it.
But anyway, back to my box and what I received in my first box back with them.

Memebox special #17 k style

Sometimes I buy a box and don't expect much from the contents. 
I bought the k style box with low expectations as I had a coupon I wanted to use but couldn't see anything I really wanted so took a risk on this, the Memebox special #17 k style. 

This is a make up box and in general these have disappointed me. But maybe things are changing as I really like this box and is one of my favourites this month.
It has 7 full sized items and is fab.
THis box cost $23 plus $6.99 although I used points to get this box so it was cheaper for me.

26 August 2014

Lootcrate august 2014

I cancelled Lootcrate last month as the boxes haven't been great but it is just my luck that the last box is probably the best I have received and is of an equal standard to my Nerdblock this month.
I am very happy with it.

25 August 2014

Memebox superbox #41 my cute wishlist

I love all things cute and cuddly so I was really looking forward to receiving this box, especially as this box only cost just under £18 and was going to be full of cute korean beauty products.
I wasn't disappointed when it arrived and have since ordered the second and third versions of this box.

23 August 2014

Memebox special #25 traveller's beauty kit

My travellers kit was in a bundle and it arrived on monday with my superfood box.

I was looking forward to this one but it was the first one of two boxes this week that gave me a surprise as they had a leaky product. 
I have to admit that this wasn't my favourite box but I have had worse and I can use all but one item in this box so at least it is useful.

Nerdblock jr boys august 2014

As I said in the Nerdblock girls review this was a little meh this month and had lots of the same items but I will still review to show you the differences.

Nerdblock jr girls august 2014

Okay, so after managing to find my computer files after a windows update (don't ask, I thought I had lost all my files) I am back with reviews and first I am going to do the two nerdblock juniors from this month.
Sadly these were very similar this month with only two items different this month, thankly I got different variations so it isn't too bad but I have to admit they are a both meh and I will show you why.

22 August 2014

Memebox special #20 superfood

So, another review today and this one is the Memebox Special #20 Superfood.
I got this in a bundle with my traveller's beauty kit box and although the travellers didn't impress this box did.
This box cost $23 and £6.99 postage and is well worth it with 5 large full sized items and one mask.

Glossybox uk august 2014

I received my Glossybox this week and to be honest I was looking forward to it as it is their third birthday box and there were six items but to be honest all that hype has led to a disappointing box. 
It isn't really bad but my other boxes have beat it hands down this month.

Nerdblock classic august 2014

My Nerdblocks arrived this week and this is my Nerdblock Classic box for August 2014. It is an interesting box and the best of the nerdblocks so far, although I am still waiting for the Nerd Horror that ships later than the other three.

Latest in beauty glamour beauty edit summer 2014 release

I hve been eyeing this box up for a while and when they sent me a code to get ten percent off I definitely couldn't resist, especially as I have wanted to try the blusher for a while and the lipstick in this box, so I bought it.
Latest in beauty is not really strictly a subscription box as the boxes have themes and you buy the ones that you are interested in. There are no minimum terms and the contents are always revealed before you buy so you know what you are getting.

The glamour boxes are bought out multiple times in the year and have a good selection of beauty products. This one is the one released about a month ago and is still in stock as I type this and according to the card this has products worth £86.15 in it for the £16.95 price tag.

Memebox special #19 cleansing kit

I have fallen a little behind on my blogposts recently but hopefully today I can catch up and this will be the first blogpost of a few today.
Anyway, this is my Memebox special #19 cleansing kit and if you are a cleansing nut like I am you will love this as much as I love it. It has six full sized items and looks great, especially as it only cost $23 and $6.99 postage.

18 August 2014

Love me beauty august 2014

The august edition of the love me beauty came this week and although I wasn't too enthusiastic when seeing the menu or when I received it I realised that I actually quite like it. I will use all but one product and that is a great thing as sometimes products may be more in number but less in use.

Birchbox august 2014

The birchboxes have been so good the last few months that I was looking forward to it this month and once again I was looking forward to this months and once again I was not disappointed by the items in my Birchbox.

13 August 2014

Empties (skincare)

My final empties are my skincare products and as you can see it is the biggest category and also the selection I am most passionate about.

Empties (bath and shower stuff)

I don't own a working shower so all of these items are what we used in the bath since I did my last empties. By the way we used a lot.

Empties (misc)

 This is the post with items that don't fit bath products, masks, hair care or skin care. I am missing stuff hair as I think I binned some teeth stuff.

Empties (hair care edition)

With only five items in this blog post it looks like I never wash my hair. I do but I buy in bulk so it takes ages to finish as they are big bottles.

Empties (mask edition)

There are only six masks and I could have put these in with skincare but when you see skincare you may understand why I haven't.

Empties coming soon

It is been a long time since I did empties but when you see this picture you will see why. 

This month I will do them but I will split them up. I will do them in skincare, haircare, bath stuff, masks and miscellaneous and hopefully I will never get this much again.
Will also do my current favourites.


11 August 2014

Memebox superbox #40 pomegranate

My pomegranate box came on Friday but with everything going on and a lot of reviews to do I had yet to review it.
Add to that I was a little upset on the size of some of the 'full sized' items in the box as this was a superbox so all should be full sized but some were disappointing. 
But you will understand what I mean the more you read of this review.

Memebox special #13 cooling care

I ordered this box after seeing loads of other people's boxes and deciding to buy it too. I particularly wanted the sleep pack but all the items in this are full sized and huge, unlike the pomegranate, despite this being a special and pomegranate being a superbox.

9 August 2014

Lovelula beauty box august 2014

 My lovelula box August was collected from the post office on Friday and I was really looking forward to receiving this box as the last few have been really good and when I saw this one I was not disappointed.

Youbeautydiscovery august 2014

When the youbeautydiscovery menu dropped into my email this month I was completely over the moon.
I found last months selection didn't really appeal but this months was amazing and it was hard to pick. I am always amazed you get so much for your £6.95 and this month had items that were all worth a good amount so it was a bargain.

Memebox special #18 smile care


 My smile care box came on Thursday from Korea and this was a box I was really looking forward to.
I knew it would be lip and teeth care and really looked forward to using products such as propolis toothpaste or charcoal toothpaste as well as some wierd and wonderful products.
But to be honest this is a very western and tame box so if I want OMG products I will have to wait for my OMG box to arrive.
Although one product gave me a surprise and I have emailed them about that.

July beauty box comparison

 Here are my July boxes.

Love me beauty July

So, this is my last box of the month. I cancelled Love me beauty because they had gone from high end to high street and to be honest when I saw their July box it was better and I wanted the products but I was waiting for a good deal but when they offered me three boxes for £27 I thought why not. 
So this is the first of my three boxes and at the end of these I will assess again.

But this is my first box of the three and I have ordered my August box which is a little meh with mostly makeup and mostly eye makeup. 
But back to my July box.

8 August 2014

Memebox giveaway

Memebox contacted me yesterday to do a giveaway for my readers and youtube viewers.
They asked me to run a contest to select three winners and each will received one free box.

For prizes I have been given:

2 x Memebox Superbox #31 Herbal Cosmetics (2 winners will win one of these)

Superbox #31 Herbal Cosmetics

1 x  Dermocosmetics 2 Box (my third winner will win this)

Superbox #34 Dermocosmetics 2

So here is my contest below and the rules.

First you must signed up on memebox on their website here in order to enter this competition.

Then you can get extra entries by tweeting your entry to my contest, following me on twitter and adding a comment to this blogpost in the comments below telling me what your favourite memebox has been so far.

If you haven't bought one yet you can also tell me what your favourite one on the site is at the moment.
* Note : they can only ship to 44 countries so you can only enter if you reside in one of these countries to enter this giveaway. Click here to see the list of countries.

The contest is for the time specified on my rafflecopter below.
When the contest ends I will select three winners and will email them asking for their name, full postal address, phone number and for the email address that they have signed up to memebox with. 

I will give the winners 24 hours to respond with these details after I email them and if they do not respond I will select another winner from the remaining entries.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to my winners and hopefully they will let me do more in the future

Anyway, ty, for reading.
I hope you like this competition, which is my first ever contest on my blog.


*I am getting no reward for this competion and memebox are providing the prizes directly from them. I am purely doing this because I love you guys.*

7 August 2014

Memebox global #13

My Memebox global number thirteen arrived late last month and was second to last of my July boxes.
The global boxes are the closest thing to a monthly box that Memebox do as they come out on the 24th of the month every month and so far this is upto January.
In my opinion these and the luckyboxes are probably the best place for new members of Memebox start if you have no issues or preferences and were where I started as at the time these were the only boxes sold by Memebox.

But back to the box that was shipped on the 24th July. This is my global #13.

5 August 2014

LAQA & Co lip lube pencils

Okay so this week started out really well, better than the whole week last week, as I received the LAQA & Co lip lube pencils that I won in a #birchbloggersUK competition at the end of last week.

I was lucky enough to receive two full sized products and I have done two very basic looks with these products.
I have to admit I rarely wear more than a dash of lipstick and mascara and with a heatwave and limited sight I have composed two looks that are easy to wear and easy to do, even if you have limited sight like I do.

But back to the beautiful lip products that are really pleasing this lip product obsessive.

2 August 2014

Memebox superbox #31 herbal cosmetics

My Herbal Cosmetics memebox arrived a while ago and I am sorry about the delays in my reviews the last few weeks but hopefully I will get back on track.
Anyway, here is my review for my Herbal Cosmetics box that I love love love.
But why did I love it so much and what did I receive?

Lipmonthly July box

My favourite box this month was rather unexpected as Lip Monthly had some issues with their June boxes so when I received my July box I actually signed up for 4 months as it was amazing. 
Additionally, this box is actually my second cheapest subscription despite it coming from Canada as it is about £8 a month when I signed up for four.
But why am I so happy and what product in this box was my best red lipstick ever?

Degustabox July 2014

Okay we'll go from a box that makes me go yay to a box that sucks this month
I have to admit that some of the reason it sucks is because my first box was destroyed and I stayed in three days to receive it which sucked. 
But to be honest if the box was amazing I could forgive but sadly it isn't amazing either.
But, what was in it?

Horror block July 2014

Sometimes I get a box that makes me squeal like a fan girl.
This one.
This is my July Horrorblock and I am in love.

But what was in it?

1 August 2014

Promo code for Memebox in August

I have just been given a link to give my readers points back on lots of boxes by buying those boxes through this link.

Plus I have a new blog coupon code for any orders in August
Here is the Promo code- $5 off on any order for your subscribers: EDC2