30 June 2014

Memebox scentbox #3 grapefruit

The last of my scent boxes that arrived today was the grapefruit box. I have really liked these boxes and all three of these for $36.99 including DHL postage is amazing value.
But what did I get in this box?

Memebox scentbox #2 baby powder

The second of my scentboxes that arrived today was my baby powder box. This was the one I was least excited by as i have a toddler and I have a lot of products with that smell, including baby powder.
But what was in it?

Glossybox sign up offer (THREE FREE ITEMS worth £25)

To anyone who is interested.
I signed up again this month and got a free gift and have just had an offer code to get a free gift for anyone who signs up using my link.

If you use the code JUNEGIFT we both get a free gift of 3 full sized items which is win win. My link is here.

Thankyou for reading,


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Memebox scentbox #1 rose

This is the first of my scent boxes that I received. I did the 3 for $30 plus $6.99 postage and they all turned up today via DHL courtesy of a cheery bloke that was really happy and was nice to Edward, my nosey toddler, that makes me like him even more.

June beauty box comparison

Here are my subscription boxes for June so you can do an easy comparison, although some of these boxes may vary from person to person these are mine.

28 June 2014

Degustabox June 2014

This months Degustabox came on the 25th and as per normal I was overjoyed to see it arrive and loved tracking it on DPD's interactive website. 
Last months was mainly savoury so I hoped for sweet items but what did I get?

The first item in the box was consumed over a day and a half as I am ill and I was feeling sorry for myself. but was really great and easy to drink. This is Lambrini Strawberry and it had a little fruity taste.
This has a rrp of £3.29

The next item was from a brand I really like as we buy their fruit yoyos already. I have tried these and really like them as they are whole with no added sugar. These are from BEAR and are the Alphabites, so like alphabetti spagetti but for breakfast. But these still taste sweet due to coconut blossom nectar and taste delicious.
These are worth £2.69.

The next items in the box are two of Be Fast Breakfast drinks and I received Banana and Chocolate. These were really nice and were 200 calories each and are high protein and low fat.
Nice enough but not something I would buy as it was too sugary for breakfast in my opinion.
These are worth £1 each so £2 for the two.

The next item in the box is from Veetee and is a packet of 2 minute rice in the egg fried variety. This is worth £1.49.

The next item in the box is a different variety of the Elizabeth Shaw Flutes than the ones I got last month but are just as yummy. These are the Milk Chocolate Ameretto ones and are yummy yummy yummy.
These have a rrp of £2.59.

The next item in the box is from Urban Fruit and this is a snack pack of Magnificent Mango. These were okay but no amazing and are just fancy dried fruit in my opinion.
This has a rrp of £1.09.

The next item in the box is from Estrella Damm and according to the descriiption it is known internationally as the 'Beer of Barcelona' but to be honest I think it is overpriced if it truly is £4 a can. I didn't really enjoy it.

The final item in the box is ideal for baking and it is from Dr. Oetker and is their Madagscan Vanilla Grinder. It contains vanilla pods and is great for cakes and dessers and also for ice cream and hot drinks as well as for other purposes.
This has a rrp of £4.99.

So, there is my June box and I really enjoyed it and so far I am loving these boxes. Roll on July.


If you waqnt to join this box you can use my link here and get £3 off your first box.

Memebox hair and body v. 2

This is the second memebox that I have received this week and it is the Hair and Body 2 box. To be honest this is the first disappointing box I have had in a while, although that is partly because the original hair and body was so amazing. I have bought the third one now so I hope that one is a little better.
But, back to this box and what I received.

Memebox office essentials

This is the first of the two memeboxes that I have received this week. This is the office essentials box and I loved it. But what was in it?

The first item in the box were two packs of the Pure Smile Refresh Tissue Citrus Punch. These are little wet wipes and these smell citrusy and would be great to refresh hands and faces and to clean up spills, particularly great when you have a toddler.
These are worth $3 for the two packs.

The next item in the box is the Label Young Shocking Toner. This is a multi use toner that combines a toner, lotion and an essence and will hydrate your skin and help with the oil balance of your skin.
This has a gel like texture and is priced at $28 for 250ml.

The next item in the box is from Hope Girl and it is their 140 Super Lash Mascara. According to the leaflet this will give the longest lashes you have ever had . I just love the super cute packaging.
This is full sized and has a price of $22.

The next item in the box are more extra than featured item as they are 2 sachets of 'Maxim' Maxim Mocha Gold. These are instant coffee which is always great when you have a toddler that doesn't want to sleep.... that is right Edward I am talking about you!!!

The next I received in this box was the Lovey Dovey Perfume Fabric mist in Elegant. This can be used on the body and on clothes but is most likely to be on my sheets in this house or as a perfume mist on me when I go out. It has a floral smell with strong accent smell of roses.
This is full sized and worth $5.

The next item in the box is from Very Six and is their 6 seconds Kissing Lip Gloss. This looks like a clear lip gloss but does in fact have a very pale pink colour. This has a non sticky texture and it is very moisturising and hydrating rather than drying due to the Propolis, honey and Jojoba seed oil.
This has a price of $17 according to the card.

The final item in the box is from RiveCowe and it is their Sebum Control Convenient Compact in Special Herb No. 8.

It is a super cute compact and the colour is pale so is great on my skin and ends up fairly transparent and leaves my face matte. I'd like to see how it handles my oily patches around my nose.
This supposedly lasts 8 hours so is great for all day at work and is full sized and worth $14.

So, there is my Office essentials box. The products in it were very nice but I don't know how close it is to the theme but it is great to receive a box that had no repeats for me and where I will use it all.


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27 June 2014

Current MEMEBOX code for anyone wanting to try MEMEBOX and some money off selected boxes.

I have found a Memebox code to get $15 off an order meaning a lot of boxes are going to be about $15 so less than a tenner in uk pounds including postage. This makes the boxes cheaper than uk boxes, except youbeauty.

For anyone interested the code is TRYMEMEBOX and it valid until about the 6th of July 2014.
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These $3 off offers are only until 29th June.

So far I have found these boxes good value for money and buy using both the codes and my links you can get an even better.

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Bonus box with my June box offer (April Glossybox)

I restarted my glossybox sub this month with a code and as part of the deal I received this box free and I just wanted to show you what I received. This was my free box and it was a Glossybox from April, probably from their stockpile of boxes.
But what did I receive?

Glossybox June 2014

Before I say anything I know I said I wouldn't return to Glossybox but when they sent me an email offering me a free box worth £30 if I re-signed up to monthly contract I couldn't resist especially as I had seen that the box this month was worth at least £45 and additionally I have dropped Love Me Beauty for the moment as their boxes seem to be going to downhill.
But, anyway, enough of that, and back to my box. What did I get in my box?

25 June 2014

Nerdblock June 2014

My Lootcrate June box came this week and I was quite excited. But what did I receive?

Tosowoong total skincare set with free memebox from nature.

I ordered the Tosowoong total skincare set from memebox and I was really excited as I have wanted to try something like the clarasonic for a while.
When they offered one on the membox website I was tempted and resisted but when they offered it as part of a package for $90 that included a free superbox that I was eyeing up I took the plunge and bought this package. But was in it?

23 June 2014

Orange and coral lips... Products I have tried 2014

I always say I have fairly dark lips so I decided to show you my natural lip colour so you can see the difference that these lip products make so you can see what difference they make to me, although they may look different on you in different lights as you have different skin tone and natural lip colours.

I have to admit that I rarely follow trends in anything but I am for once seeming to loving a trend in makeup and that is the emergence of a lot of orange and coral lip colours on the make up scene and since buying an orange lip colour when I was holiday up north at the beginning of this month my collection has increased and although I don't really have many I thought I would show you the 9 that I have.

19 June 2014

Nerdblock classic June 2014

My nerdblock classic box came this morning and I was really excited as I knew that this was a double T shirt month and there was a doctor who item but I had managed to avoid looking at spoilers like I had some months.
But what was in it?

18 June 2014

Birchbox June 2014

Birchbox have really been on the ball the last few months and I was worried that my box this month wouldn't be good to balance these boxes out but how wrong was I. This is my June box and I am in a love affair with Birchbox following this box.

Love ME beauty June edition 1

13 June 2014

Youbeautydiscovery June 2014

This is my youbeautydiscovery box for June. I wasn't too impressed by this months selection tbh because there was only a few items I really wanted and I was lucky to get one as one had sold out by midday on the 1st of June.
So what was in my box this month?

12 June 2014

Memebox #11

The second box that I got on Monday after my holiday was this box and I was really excited as I love memebox and I knew it had arrived while I was up north on the coast. This is my Memebox #11.
So, what was in this box?

Lovelula box June 2014

My second lovelula box of my three month sub arrived on friday of last week while I was on holiday and I collected this on monday and I can finally review it today for you as my schedule is less crowded than it was at the beginning of the week.
However, this is a review, so what did I get in my lovelula box this month?
(everyone gets the same in the lovelula boxes every month so all subscribers got it too)