2 December 2015

Day two single brand advent calendar

Day 1 went really well with all my advent calendars so I looked forward to day two and luckily they all seem to be great including these items from my single brand advent calendars, Ciate and Clarin, even if one does have a small niggle.

Today the ciate door is part of a London street scene.

My Ciate advent calendar contains 5ml of the check mate nail polish. 
This could be used as a nail varnish on it's own or as a topper. It is a clear polish with small black and white squares like on a chess board, hence the name.
I have tried it over my polish from yesterday and have found that it does peel a little if knocked so you have to be careful.

A small door today in Clarins and as they say good things come in small packages so lets have a look what was in it.

In my Clarins today is 2ml of the blue orchid face treatment oil. 
I have a huge problem with dry skin on my face all year round but especially in the winter so I like to use additional products of my face to hydrate it.
So, receiving a face treatment oil is fab and the scent is pleasing and the fact that this oil is aimed at dehydrated skin is perfect and I also like that it is made from 100% pure plant extracts. This includes Rosewood, Patchouli and Blue orchid as well as hazulnut which helps with fine lines and moisture loss.
Sounds perfect for winter.

With 30ml worth £32  this 2ml sample is worth £2.13.

A nice day and I'll enjoying seeing how well checkmate stands up to day to day use. The face oil should be good for a week plus too as generally with oils a little goes a long way.


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