20 December 2013

Yves Rocher order

Firstly I have to admit I have emailed this company twice about this order in the last two weeks, since I ordered this on the 5th December and they were in the doghouse about taking so long to deliver and or even do anything on my order. 
But now it has come and their amazing value has taken the sting off, even taking away the shock of this order being supposed to arrive in March next year. 
This was bit of a shock but following the products arriving and Edward's reaction at one product I will definitely order again from this company.
Everything in this order was £17.95 (paid for postage in that total) as I had a Glossybox promo code and I had one of the free gifts from Yves Rocher and there was three free samples. 
My, that is a lot of ANDS.
All these products can be found here.

This is the Collection Cacao Cocoa and Raspberry Home Fragrance. This one one of the items I bought in order to get the extras from the Glossybox code. I really like this spray and it is really refreshing and fruity as the raspberry smell dominates the product which is good as the chocolate could be too sickly sweet if it dominated.
We are bit of a fruit and chocolate obsessed family so this is ideal for us to have and a lot safer than an oil burner with a toddler.
A decent size too at 75ml and the bottle is minimalistic but that is part of it's beauty as it looks expensive.
This costs £9.50 on their site.

This product was one of the samples I asked for and I am rather surprised as it is a large sample to try at 30ml as I was expecting a foil sample. This is the Intensive slimming Action Anti Cellulite Dimpled Skin smoother.
This is an ideal product for me to try out as I have quite bad cellulite due to fluctuating weight in the past and I hope this works well. It smells nice and has a thick texture so a little goes a long way and to my noise I smell green tea and apples but that could be my imagination.
According the packaging it is triple actions as it is slimming, firming and anti cellulite. I look forward to seeing if it stands up to the claims on the packaging.
The sample is worth £5.40.

This is part of the Yves rocher free gift and is the Serum Vegetal3 Cleansing Milk. As this is a gift I won't be able to give you an opinion on it. According to the packaging it deeply cleanses make up and impurities and smooths out your features to leave your skin looking radiant and soft.
It is 200ml and costs £9.60 on the site.

This is part of my free gift too and another part of one of my Christmas gift. This is the Serum Vegetal3 Wrinkles and Radiance Dazzling Cream. According to the packaging this reduces crow's feet and wrinkles, reduces dark shadows and puffiess and light up the radiance in your eyes.
For 15ml it costs £17 on the site.

This is the last part of my free gift and the gift I will be giving to someone. This is the Serum Vegetal3 Wrinkles and Radiance Cream. According to the packaging this aims to visibly repair wrinkles, renew a deep radiance and regenerates the skin's cells.
This costs £10.50 on the site, although it is half price at the moment.

This is the Collection Cacao Cocoa & Raspberry Hand Cream and one of the items I got free with the Glossybox code and I am really happy to have as I have the Chocolate and Pistachio one and it is amazing and this one is good but not as good as the Pistachio one as the chocolate dominates in that one and in this one the raspberry dominates. They are both really moisturising though and the pistachio is one of my favourite hand creams so I am sure this one will be the same as only the scent is different.
This costs £1.95, same as the pistachio one, and is a bargain for the price.

This is the Cocoa and raspberry nourishing lip balm and this is probably the only product that I won't use very much. I am totally in love with BalmBalm and prefer it to this lip balm.
You can only buy this as part of a set so I don't know the rrp.

This was the other item I actually paid for and it is the 250ml Collection Cocoa & Raspberry Sparkling Shower Gel. I had to wrestle this back from my son when it arrived as he thought it was a flying saucer and that alone has convinced me to buy more as I want him to have flying saucers in other colours.
It is a nightmare to open but once it is open it smells incredible and Edward really loves glitter so it will great for him in a bath.
It costs £4.95 for 250ml and I would definitely repurchase, perhaps in a different scent as the chocolate orange would be nice to try.

This is 300ml of the Collection Cacao Cocoa & Raspberry perfumed shower Gel. THis is another product I will use as bubble bath as I have no shower in my house. It will probably used in my baths as Edward has claimed the glittery one.
It costs £1.95 and that is a complete bargain.

These are my last two samples and they are like wet wipes with the perfume on them. Neither really appeals and at the moment I am using the Body Shop Coconut Eau de Toilette and I really love it.

So all in all if you ignore the nightmare of having to chase the company twice to make sure I had by Christmas it was great. The value definitely makes up for the irritation as I only paid £17.95 and I got £60.85 of goods, if my maths is correct. I am in love with their chocolate scents too and will have to get more soon as it is limited edition.


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