19 December 2013

Flavourly December Christmas box 2013

This is my December Flavourly box. I managed to get it for a tenner as they had a promo on and I had cancelled my membership when I was on the paleo diet as I couldn't eat anything in it and I was yet to resubscribe but the money off deal convinced me to subscribe again as I have really loved my boxes in the past.

It was rather full this month and it was stuffed full of products.

These are 150g of Rosemary & Sea Salt biscuits by Angelic Gluten Free. They are dairt, gluten and egg free and have all natural ingredients. I can't tell you how these taste as they are more my husband thing as I am sweet rather than savoury. These have a rrp of £2.59.

These are a 40g bag of bombay mix and 50g bag of smoked almonds from The Dormen. Another couple of products I will have to ask my hubby for his opinion of.
Worth approx. 80p each.

These are 100g of Truffles French Cocoa Dusted flavoured with Warming & Sweet Ginger by the Monty Bojangles Fine confectioners of London.
According to the packaging these have 'a spicy sweet warming ginger flavour embedded within the divine chocolatey enchantment of my cocoa dusted truffles.'
These are creamy and beautiful and the ginger isn't too overpowering but it is definitely there. I really love these as a luxury for myself and they are a grown up chocolate and I am not sure Edward would really understand or like them as he isn't really into sweet things.
More info can be found here and these costs £2.34 from there.

This is the third and final product from The Dormen in this box and they are caramelised cashew and peanuts.
Worth approx. 80p.

These are 110g of Creamy Rich & Natural Hot Chocolate Fudge by the Monty Bojangles fine confectioners of London.
This is chocolate fudge with added marshmallows made with no artificial colours or flavours.
Oh my. This is so creamy and I love fudge so I am in heaven. You can tell these are luxury and between these and the truffles I will definitely look into buying from this brand again.
These cost £2.50 for this size from here.

This is the strangest product in my box and I look forward to using it as it is the Cinnamon, White Choc & Cranberry Muffin Mix by Cookie crumbles and it looks really cute. I haven't really baked much since my son arrived but I really want to bake this, which is a good sign.  This costs £4.50 from here and looks great.

The final thing in the box is probably the thing I am least likely to use, although I may change my mind on that, and that is a Mulled spice  kit from Taste Gourmet Spice Company. It looks nice but I could only use it in applee juice as apart from hubby's cider we have a fairly dry house. It costs £2.75 to buy from here and smells really festive.

This is the most festive box I have had this month and that is great. It was great value for £10 as the contents equal £17.08. I really enjoy the selection in these boxes and will really enjoyy the baking kit, fudge and truffles and the boys will love the savouries.

More info can be found on flavourly here.