8 December 2013

On the ninth day of advent... ciate vs. youbeauty

On the ninth day of advent my Ciate calendar gave to me:

A 5ml nail varnish in the shade 'pillow fight'. The colour is a pale grey with a purple undertone. I am not sure I would buy it tbh as it is sort of a meh shade.

On the ninth day of advent my youbeauty calendar gave to me:

A 25ml pot of the Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream. I have to admit I love love love this scent and it is very similar to the Weleda rose creams in smell and I am really happy to be able to put this scent on my face overnight again and it must be the Rosehip I can smell. The texture is nice on this cream and a little goes a long way.
The Rosapene is trademarked to Trilogy and is supposed to help your skin with it's own regeneration so that it delivers intensive nourishment that will leave my skin radiant, smooth and restored. I will report back on how I have down when this product is finished.  More info on the product can be found here.
This was one of the products I was really looking forward to using and hopefully I won't be disappointed in it.
I have worked out that this sample is worth £11.88.

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