3 December 2013

Bird & Wild Organic Ground Coffee Yeti Farm, Ethiopia

I have to admit that until 2 and a half years ago I hated coffee and the smell of coffee. That was until the pregnancy cravings hit with my son and I started to crave things that made me want to rebel, if you have ever met my son you'd understand.

He made me crave alcohol and cigarettes but as I haven't smoked since I was twenty and it would end my marriage if I started again and I am teetotal I couldn't oblige those cravings so he picked others. They included coffee and I fell in love with Costa Coffee's iced coffee during the summer of 2011.

I stopped drinking coffee but two months ago I started drinking it again and first used the combo sachets of instant coffee then decided to buy a French press and get fresh ground coffee. This is the second brand of fresh ground coffee I have ever had.

I sadly finished this coffee this morning after receiving it in last month's Flavourly box. It is an amazing coffee and has a slightly bitter but very fresh taste that it is slightly nutty. It is a 60g bag so made me 3ltrs of coffee in my Bodum french press, which I love.

I would definitely buy it again.

More details of the company can be found here

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