14 December 2013

On the fifteenth day of advent... Ciate vs. You beauty.

On the fifteenth day of advent my Ciate advent calendar gave to me:

A 5 ml bottle of Ciate nail polish in play date. This a mid red with slight orange undertones. a fairly classic shade but the classics are classics for a reason.

The fifteenth day of advent my youbeauty advent calendar gave to me:

A 2.5ml sample of Bioeffect EGF Serum. i had to admit I love my serums but have never heard of this one so I had to do some research about it in order to do my review.
According to the Bioeffect website it has Epidermal Growth Factor in it that increases the speed at which the cells turnover within the skin.
It all sounds very good and I will enjoy using it but I can't afford to buy this again and I am not really the target customer as I am only 31 but I will have to see it as a rare treat.
The sample has the value of about £20 as 15ml sells for £125 in Boots and on the Bioeffect website.

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