10 December 2013

My twist bands arrived.

After waiting in for an Amazon parcel this morning I was surprised when the doorbell went again and even more surprised when the post man had a Birchbox parcel.
The Birchbox isn't due to come for a week so I was rather puzzled and it took me a while to remember that I ordered some more twistbands on Sunday after receiving one in this box.

Inside the rather large box was this nicely wrapped bag.

Inside this bag was this product. I could never express how much I love these twistbands after using them for two days.  They don't yank on my hair and pull my hair out when I remove them from my waist length hair and they are also extremely pretty and don't go odd and degrade in the wet like hair bobbles might.

These are in the Chelsea colour pallette and are sold by Birchbox here. They are ten pounds plus £2.95 postage per order and are a bargain at the price.

They only cost me the postage and packaging as I used my rewards points and I am over the moon I now have 7 in different shades as my first was a light turquoise colour that is lovely and now I also have navy blue, silver, black, white, brown and a leaf green. Can't wait to use them.

Thankyou, Birchbox for the speedy delivery and thetwistband.com from these great hair accessories.

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