7 December 2013

Glossybox Limited Edition Christmas box 2013

This is my Limited Edition Christmas Glossybox. It is one of their one off boxes and it arrived this morning. It has  items in it and with a discount I had it cost me £21.70 including postage.
It looked really good and I wanted to try out the butter nail varnishes as I have heard good things about them and haven't used them since I started growing my nails as well as wanting to try the lip gloss and the conditioning shampoo.

It is a rather beautiful box on the outside and I love the gold and white colour scheme.

It was prettily wrapped but inside is what matters... right? These are the contents:

This is a butter London 3 free nail laquer in Teetotal.
I have put this on my fingers and I am not sure if I like the colour, leaning more on wanting to remove it to reapply the one I removed to put it on, and my husband doesn't like it.
The application wasn't ideal either as it is quite thin but at least it dries fast. I had to do three coats to get a rich coat and to be honest I don't think I will use it again as it was such a faff. I am also not sure if they are all this thin either and if they are I am unlikely to purchase from this brand again.
It has a rrp of £11.

This is the So Susan Water Based Pure Luminizer. I am surprised how much I like this product. I have never used one but I love the effect it creates across my cheekbones and on my eye lids, where it opens them up and makes even this sleep deprived mother look well rested.
It is cruelty free with no sulfates, mineral oils, phthalates, triclosan or animal by products. Not sure what all those things are but I assume it is a good thing it hasn't got those in it.
It has a rrp of £25 so it is actually worth more than I paid for the whole box which is a great thing in my mind.

This is the Absolute! Absolute! Perfume stick in the fragrance Affair 102. I was looking forward to this but I have to admit I really dislike this fragrance. It smells like floral air fresheners to me and I definitely would not use it, let alone repurchase it, again.
The rrp of it is £9.50.

This is the Philip B. African Shea Butter Gentle & Conditioning Shampoo. This lathered up really well and a little went a long way with this product. I will report back when it goes in my empties though as I can't give you a full review after one use.

It has a rrp of £9.50 for 60ml.

This is a be a... bombshell bronzer in tanorexic. I was told I would get a pink blush and it was one of the products I wanted. This product is way too dark for me and I am not happy as they said on the Glossybox facebook page that only the shade of the nail varnish would vary so I am not happy. Have emailed them and I am optimistic as at the moment their customer service has been great.

This is the EuPhidra Pearly Lip Gloss and I think I might be in love. It is sheer pink with glittery bits in it, according to the packaging these are mirror reflecting microspheres, and has a mild pink colour. But another good thing is that it tastes quite nice, which is a blessing and a curse as my son loved it too as he wanted my lipstick on.
It retails at £11.90 and even at that price I would buy it again as it makes a great alternative to my balmbalm, which I also love.

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