9 December 2013

What's in my momma bag?

I thought I'd do one of these since I love these on youtube and I wanted to show you all the beautiful bag I got in a Black Friday sale this year. This is my momma bag i.e. the one I use when I have my son with me and have to carry all his stuff so it is filled with mostly his stuff but some of mine too as I carry around the stuff I use day to day.

This is my Kipling Gabbie Women's Shoulder Bag in Very Berry. It is a very vibrant pink purple colour and it is massive but it doesn't look bulky which is a great thing as I use this to lug around Edward's snacks, his toilet training stuff as well as my make up and sometimes I need to take my chromebook and kindle with me and they both fit in her quite easily even with everything else I currently have in my bag.
It has a lovely silver grey lining and there are multiple pockets on the inside of the main pocket and one of those is zipped.
I spent £31.60 on it but the rrp is £74 so it was a complete bargain and  think it is amazing value for the price I paid for it and even for full price it is a great as an alternative to a changing bag if using disposable nappies.

I love my monkey on my bag too and love his pink pair. Child that I am, I love that he can suck his thumb or hold his hands together and I am also very happy that he is well secured as my son tried to steal him when he first saw him and the bag held on.

These are my only beautynitems in the bag and I get the smallest pocket in the bag to keep my things most of the time. From left to right they are:

The first item is the MeMeMe Cherub's Blush cheek and lip tint and I wasn't too sure about this product at first but I love that after a few coats the colour is extremely vivid berry red and it is definitely a stain that lasts and lasts, especially if I use another product in my bag over it.
The only real issue with this is that it is a stain and if I don't quite do my product up right it does leak and stain anything around it and sometimes it stains my fingers and that is irritating but not the end of the world as it is fab.

The second is the Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara is a deluxe size, ie. teeny tiny size, and is in 1. Black Satin. This is a really convenient mascara but it does smudge a little. I have only wore it for two days, as I recieved it yesterday in my Birchbox Christmas box, but the application isn't too difficult and it lengthens, colours and curls my eye lashes nicely and it dries fairly quickly.

The third item is the EuPhidra Pearly Lip gloss in MP02 is a great lip gloss. I received it in my Glossybox Christmas box two days ago and I love love love it as it is highly pigmented in a sheer pink colour and it has an amazing taste too and I had to wrestle it back from my son as he loved it too.

The fourth item is the Dr. Lipp original nipple balm for lips. I have to admit that when I first received this I was not that impressed by this product as the texture put me off entirely. It is exceptionally thick and waxy and I have found that it is great to go over the MeMeMe lip stain as it helps it stick even better to my lips and the combination of this and my MeMeMe gives me a beautiful berry coloured stain on my lips all day long.    

The fifth item is my YBD mirror that I recieved free in my October box. It is great and really useful.

The sixth item is a Blend collective Hand and Body Lotion in Myrtle. It has a strong smell and to be honest it has been thrown into my bag as it is a convenient size and I haven't really used it.

The seventh item is the Boots time delay Restoring Hand and Nail Cream SPF 8 and I love it and use it over the Blend collective one as it is an SPF one with a very nice clean and creamy smell. I like that it is for both the hand and the nails as my nails need all the help they can get as I bit my nails for a long time and they break and split easily. The smell is just like baby lotion. Yummy.

The eighth and last item is my Stylfile emergency file. I recently blogged about buying some of their products in a set in the black friday deals and this is the third one I bought and is a tiny compact version of the big ones and is great on the go. I love the shape and it looks great with my Kipling bag.
On one side is a buffer and on the other side is a nail file and they give a great shade due to their S shade. Such a great invention by the Apprentice winner and I love having one on hand at all times.

The next things I had in my bag were empty packets of Edward's snacks from yesterday at Church. They take up the second biggest pocket in my bag and they are on the most as healthy as I can get them and are as follows:

A packet of Milky Way magic stars. These are great as they are left overs from some we bought in the Halloween sweet sale in Asda when they were really cheap.
The only issue was that my 27mth old son then proceeded to sing Twinkle Twinkle really loud making everyone laugh around us but at least they find it funny.

Two packets of BEAR yoyos pineapple pure fruit rolls. I love these for Edward as they are one of your five a day and only 27kcal for one yoyo. He ate three of these, yoyos not packets of two yoyos, at church and loves them and they are great as they are all natural and nut and seed free.

The last thing inn his snack bag pack was a Robinsons Fruit Shoot Low Sugar Tropical drink. He normally drink pure fruit juice mixed with water at home but these are convenient for church and out and about as they don't leak in my bag like some of his sippy cups have done in the past. They don't taste too bad either and are okay occasionally in my eyes.

Now onto what is in the main pocket:

Firstly are my huggies Soft skin wipes. I got these at 80p a pack in a multipack in Asda and they have 64 a pack. They have shea butter on them and they don't irritate Edward's skin and are used when we are out and about and are useful as we are still in the process of going from training pants to normal pants, which if you are parent you know is a long process with set backs. Also useful for hands and faces for both me and my little one as they make him look and smell nice and clean.

Next are my beautiful winter gloves from Asda. They can either be mittens like this or the tops can be peeled back where there are fingers with cut-offs so you see your fingertips. They are one size and ever so soft and cte and I really love them. My only issue is that they are one sized and I have tiny hands so they dwarf me a bit and you can't see my fingers above two of the cut-offs which makes it look odd, especially as I use nail wraps and on some you can see them and on some you can't.
They will be great when I take my son to the park, although it isn't cold enough to wear them yet.

I got these last year and I really love these too. They are red one sized mittens for children and will fit most children up until the age of about five as they stretch. I found them while looking for socks my toddler would not be able to remove so easily.
They are by Snuguns and I bought them last year from Amazon as they hard for Edward to get off, due to the ribbed tops you cut put under or over the top of sleeves on a coat, but he still has the ability to use all his fingers in them and as an added bonus they fit me.
Although most costly than some other gloves they are well worth the money as they can be used for a long time.
They can be bought in lots of different patterns and more info on these can be found here.

This is my number one cloth nappy/ nappy training must have. It is a wet bag by Planet wise and is their large size. I used these through using cloth nappies instead of a nappy bag as they don't smell and keep the moisture in. They are also really simple to use as I wash them with the contents then dry them in the tumble dryer with the rest of it. A great item and a beautiful butterfly pattern.
Additionally they are great for swimmers as they have two pockets so you can separate wet and dry items in them. Such a great thing to own for numerous reasons and is available in lots of patterns.

The finally items are the little ones clothes. A pair of coral Mothercare trousers, Asda breifs and finally a pair of M & S boxer shorts with George Pig on them because Edward loves Peppa pig and it is very hard to get George pig clothes for boys so these were a great buy.

So that was what was in my bag. I have no idea whether this is a typical momma bag. If not, what's in yours?

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