14 December 2013

Body shop online haul

I haven't shopped in Body Shop but when I saw everything was half price, you got a free hand cream and free delivery I couldn't resist buying and when I saw the Complete Collection as it was £30 rather than £60 and the products were worth £87 and adding in Vitamin E Moisture Cream I would get £97 of products for £30. A real win!

When I opened it I was greeted by one of their cloth bags but in this case, as is in life, what is inside is what really matters so what was in my parcel?

The first item in the bag was 100ml of Almond Hand and Nail Cream.
Although I can't smell the almond it is very moisturising and smells divine with a clear scent and I love that it is for hands and nails as my nails need all the help they can get after 31 years of nail biting as they split and break a lot which make maintenance a nightmare.
The price of this is £10.

The second item in the bag is the Coconut Cream Body Scrub in 200ml.
I don't have a shower so I don't use body scrubs but this smells absolutely divine. The coconut smell has depth and I will probably use this on my son when he has a bath so that he smells as divine as this does. I think I'm in love with the scent.
The price of this £12.50

The third item in the bag is the Coconut Body Butter in 200ml.
This was more of the divine smell from the Body Scrub and I had to order the perfume from smelling this body butter. This is very thick and very moisturising for the skin. It says it works for 24 hours and is Hydration for dry skin and I believe that. The cream sinks into my skin in a fast manner and it doesn't leave me overly greasy.
I also like that it has Community Fair Trade organic virgin coconut oil as it means the farmers are getting a fairer price as well as help for their local community. So a win win situation for everyone as they get a fair deal and I get a nice product.
The price of this is £13.

The fourth item in my bag is 30ml of the Shea Eau de Toilette
I like this perfume but it does take a while for the true scent to emerge from the perfume but when it does it smells creamy and nutty and it is a really happy scent for me that reminds me a bit of a sweety shop. Strange, but true.
The price of this is £8.50

The fifth item is 10ml of the Lavender Home fragrance oil.
Not surprisingly this is an oil that smells of Lavender that I can use in my in oil burner. Hopefully my luck with lavender will continue and I can stomach this scent as pre pregnancy I could never stomach Coffee or Lavender but can now. Odd but it is nice as the lavender helps me sleep.
The price of this is £4.

The sixth product in the bag is 250ml of the Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion.
This smells really nice and is very cooling and I find the smell rather festive but not sure why that is the case. I don't tend to have hard feet as I try not to wear shoes too much but even though I don't really need it that much I would wear it for the smell alone.
The price of this is £8.

The seventh product in my bag is the Eye Definer in the shade black.
I think this product doesn't want to fall into enemy hands as it was a nightmare to open and I chipped my nail varnish. I like that this is black and doesn't smudge. It has a fairly soft application and would look good on all skin tones as it is a classic shade.
The price of this is £8

The eighth product in my bag is the Crackled Ceramic Oil Burner.
This is ever so pretty and I love the crackled effect finish. I look forward to using it with the lavender oil so the whole house smells sleepy.
The price of this is £10.

The final product in my haul was actually two of these bad boys. I got one free (free with any order over £10) and the other was in the collection already. This is the Vitamin E Moisture Cream in a 50ml size.
I like that it is pink, has no smell and is for all skin types as I have a few coming and might gift them to a few people. The Vitamin E is also great as an anti oxidant and after trying this cream out it seems to give deep moisturising but it sinks into the skin fast.
The price of these is £10 each.

This is such an amazing deal with the half price offer on that I couldn't say no, even though I hadn't bought any body shop stuff in a while. I have since put in other orders too and I am waiting for those and ever so happy.
Thank you  Body shop, great products and prices.


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