16 December 2013

On the seventeenth day of advent... Ciate vs youbeauty

On the seventeenth day of Advent my Ciate advent calendar gave to me:

A 10g bottle of caviar pearls in 'frost yourself'. These are like caviar pearls in blue and silver and they were so anxious to be used they jumped out and attacked me. I have to admit I am quite scared to try this sort of thing but I am guessing I would enjoy them if I tried them and it just getting the bravery to try them.

On the seventeenth day of advent my youbeauty advent calendar gave to me:

A 30ml sample of DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. According to the DHC website this is the cleanser that will be the ultimate make up remover and will give you younger radiant skin due to the vitamin E and hydrating olive oil. I look forward to using this as I have heard of the brand and because I have never used an oil cleanser before and wonder if it will help my dry skin.
30ml of this costs £4.50 on the DHC uk website.


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