22 December 2013

On the twenty second day of advent... ciate vs. youbeauty

On the twenty second my Ciate advent calendar gave to me:

A 10g pot of caviar pearls in the shade 'christmas tree caviar'. This is a multicoloured caviar that reminds me of christmas baubles with a gold, green and red colourway. They are very pretty and would be great all winter as they aren't too festive to use all the time.

On the twenty second day of advent my youbeauty advent calendar gave to me:

A 50ml tube of NEOM Complete Bliss Moroccan Blush Rose organic Hand Cream. This is another rose product and anyone who has read a few of my reviews knows that I love rose but I can definitely smell the lime as well. I love that it is 83% organic too as you aren't putting junk on your hands. This sinks into your skin with little effort and I think this is due to the Argan Oil which I am loving at the moment as it is in everything and especially prevents my hair from getting overly frizzy.
I might drop this into my handbag as it smells so nice and works so well and it will be useful on these cold days.
This has a price of about £13.33 for this size and although this is expensive it seems a good price for a good quality product.


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