30 December 2013

December loves 2013

I thought I'd do my december loves to show you my current loves and because I can say that these all are products I would recommend, although I would need a remortgage to use the serum all the times. These products are all from beauty box companies, although two are from my advent calendar and one is from a free gift that I got with my christmas present, a six month Birchbox subscription.

The first product is the Neostem serum and I received it in my mybeauty box a few months ago. As it is over £50 I could never afford to repurchase it but it is so wonderful to get it as it sinks into the skin and is really creamy so a little goes a long way.
I really think it has helped with my fine lines and will definitely miss it when it is gone. More info can be found here.

I am rather lazy with body moisturising so this product is great and it is rose scented, which if you have read my blog posts before you know I love, and this is the Cinq Mondes Spa Paris Hamman rituals roses petal rain.
I received this a while ago in a box from Betrousse that left me a severely bad taste in my mouth about this company. I received half a box and was offered £4 in compensation for a few missing products and I was so angry that I would never buy from them again but I have this month to get this product and another product in this post again.
This is a body moisturiser and it is really easy to use and leaves my body soft and smelling amazing. It can be found in this box to purchase if you like rose.

This is the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque I received in my Birchbox Christmas Box and I use this on days that I don't wash my hair. It makes it soft and looks incredible and is easy to use as it is wet hair, apply, wait, wash off. It is sadly almost empty and I'll be buying the 500ml one when this finishes as that will probably last six months for me if i use once or twice a week.
One of my favourites of all time.

This is the other reason for my betrousse order and is probably my favourite moisturiser ever as there is no scent and it literally just sinks into my skin. This is the Lilas Blanc Laboratoires Secret Eclat Jeunesse Anti wrinkle day skincare and I can't wait to get the one I have just ordered. To order your own you can get it here.

Another product that is keeping my hair great is the Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil dry Oil mist. I've been using it after washing my hair or using the masque and it reduces the frizz and makes it softer and reduces the knots in it. I managed to secure a second youbeauty advent calendar half price and so I will get more of this soon, which is great and I may well buy this in full size in the future.

My final favourite product this month is my current night moisturiser which is the trilogy Rosapene night cream and this is another product that sinks into my skin. I love the rosehip scent and I am so glad I will get more in that second advent calendar.

And those are my December Loves. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I wish you all an amazing new year.


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