8 December 2013

Little Mix Nail wraps by elegant Touch

I just thought I'd blog about my nail again as I am nail obsessed at the moment and after the disappointing nail colour by butter London in my Christmas Glossybox I would tell you of my nail WOW from my Miss Glossybox from the November/December box. It is really sad that the Miss Glossybox is ending as it had some great things including these Little Mix nail wraps by Elegant Touch. Mine were in the pattern leighanne and can be found here.

They are great colourful patterns and I love nail wraps at the moment. The patterns look like graffiti on wall, alternating with flowers and hearts and in my opinion that is very cute.

I managed to alternate colours on the fingers and they even fit my diddy fingers. They were coated in my O.P.I top coat and I want to see how long they last as my NCLA ones, also reviewed on this site, lasted a week on my nails before one fell off and were only removed to try on the Leighton Denny nail varnish.

I hope they last a while and will update on here to tell you how long later....

*Update- they were peeling a little on the thirteenth so I removed them but I had to fight to remove them so might have last a lot longer... great staying power.*

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