22 December 2013

Pre Christmas exhaustion... muses of a housewife

I'm not sure if it is just me or is this housewife and stay at home mother thing totally exhausting?
Every few months I hit the point of total exhaustion and that has hit today. It's Paul's last shift tonight and I hope to God that I can get a decent sleep over Christmas because I hope this goes away soon.
I write this blog mainly because it gives me a rest from the thoughts of potty training, toddler fashion and trying to teach Edward nursery rhymes, his numbers and letters. It helps me unwind to write either this or the fiction I write.

I am incredibly lucky, though, and have no real right to moan. My husband is amazing and all three of us are in good health with enough to eat and drink and a roof over our heads.
This Christmas I can buy him presents and I won't be alone over Christmas and I have people who will be for me, even on days I desperately want them to be there for me.
I reallly don't know where my brain is today but maybe I need to grow up a bit.... Anyone agree or do all housewives/househusbands feel like this at times?

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