10 December 2013

Customer service with Glossybox, one win one loss

I've had an odd time with Glossybox the last few weeks. Had to contact them three times for a few issues and although two were resolved well the last one has irritated me slightly and today has been a mixed bag.

First for the good news, my replacement Vichy Serums came today in the post and they managed to grab an extra surprise on the way.
My Vichy samples were almost empty when I came to use them last week and they offered to send me some more and I am really happy that they arrived today.
With them was the Murad Clarifying Mask in a 30g sample.
Although I haven't used a skin mask in a while and I have dry rather than acne prone skin I had to try it so I did and it has made my skin really smooth and even after leaving it on for ten minutes it didn't leave an allergic reaction, which is a definite bonus. I'll enjoy using that and the full sized is very expensive so I couldn't use it any other way.

Now, for the bad news. I don't think anything will happen about the bronzer I had in the Christmas Box that masquerades as a blusher. Although, it was advertised as a pink blush when I bought it and it said shades would only vary on the nail varnish on the Glossybox facebook page I have now been told shades may also vary on the blusher too, although it wasn't a blusher.
Not happy but looks like I will have to lump it as I have bigger things to worry about atm.

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