11 December 2013

Love ME beauty box December 2013 Edition 3

I really love the December Love ME beauty box and all the boxes that I have had in my six month subscription to this company and I will be resubscribing in January as the December 2013 box is the last box which has been paid for.

I love the card this month and the colouring is very classic and it makes me feel in a festive mood.

This is an amazing company and a slight twist on the beauty box idea as it is great as you can pick a surprise box like I did last month, especially great if you like surprise boxes, or one of their three editions like I did this month so you know exactly what you are getting that month.

I chose edition 3 this month as I fancied the night cream in the third box rather than the day cream or the 5 minute facial.

This is how it looked after I pulled the info cards from over my products. I love the pink shredded paper and it is really girly, although I have to quickly bin it or put it in the recycling or my son trails it through my house and it makes the floors look like a hamster cage, although this one will make it look like a very girly hamster cage.
So, what did I receive this month from my and why did I pick it:

First item is a full sized Lord & Berry Intensity lipstick in the shade 'Glazed Pink'. This is a pale pink colour on my lips and it looks fabulous. It is a fairly muted colour and would be great on days when you have dramatic eyes and you want to wear a lipstick that has an impact but won't draw complete attention away from you eyes like a vivid red or a dark coral may do.
It is a very moisturising lipstick due to the macadamia oil, which I am loving at the moment in other products, and the waterlily extract is added to keep your lips in perfect condition. This feels like a very expensive lipstick and the colour is constant and highly pigmented but it leaves a good matte finish on your lips. A christmas party and everyday use winner in my book.
Only issue is that you have to watch where you leave lipstick stains with this lipstick as it does rub off a small amount.
I have swatched it right at the bottom of this review so you can look at it compared to the lip liner.
It has a rrp of £12 which is great value for this product in my opinion.

Second item is a full sized Lord & Berry Kiss Proof lip liner in the shade 'Romantica'. This is a darker pink than the lipstick but they coordinate perfectly as you really want a darker liner anyhow. You can also use this as a lip colour and if you did you would be assured of a lipstick that won't budge and it would give you a good statement lip colour as it would give a dark raspberry red lip.
When I swatched it on my hand (you can see the picture of that at the bottom of the page) and tried to get it off my hand by rubbing at it the lipstick came off a bit but when I rubbed the liner it hasn't even smudged so it would indeed be kiss proof. Great for the office party or if you want to eat or drink with it on.
It even was difficult to remove with my cleanser and it took a lot of scrubbing so it will get you through the day fine.
It has a rrp of £7.50.

Third item is a full sized Headline Colours nail varnish in 'Quicksand'. I love these nail varnishes as I received more here in a prize pack from Love ME Beauty and they were beautiful colours and this one is no different. It's a deep chocolate brown on my toe nail, sorry I can't show you on my fingernail as I am currently wearing nail wraps and you don't want to see my feet, trust me on that. It is a lovely colour and has an amazing sheen.
It is easy to apply and both great quality and a thick texture. It more than makes up for the disappointing butter London nail varnish in this box where it was a mushroom brown that didn't appeal.
This is chocolate without the calories. A big bonus in my opinion.
Additionally, the Love ME Beauty leaflet says that the varnish boasts a highly pigmented colour that has added UV absorbers to make it last long. It also has a blend of four plasticizers that resist it from chipping, peeling or flaking and makes it resistant to detergents and water. A definite bonus for a housewife to be sure.
I really love this product.
It has a rrp of £9.

Fourth item is a 7.5ml sample of the Matriskin Vitamin C Serum.
I had another sample of this a while ago and really looked forward to using it but in the middle of using it the first time I managed to upend it and my chest of drawers got most of the benefit from it so I am glad I can get to use it again or actually try it out this time.
It makes me feel nostalgic for past times with the glass bottle and pipette system and it is a clear gel with no real smell to it. The thick gel texture means that a little goes a long way and I am really glad of that as I can give it a longer test out to compare it to other serums in my collection.
I love my serums and this one has ingredients that will repair and restore my skin according to my leaflet. I look forward to using it and blogging with my thoughts on it.
I have worked out this sample is worth £14.09.

The fifth and last item is a 15ml sample of Rodial Glamtox Night.
According to their website it has retinol microspheres and Vitamin C in it to protect against the signs of ageing and the product should have three results and these are to improve the appearance of sun damage and pigmentation, to improve the appearance of wrinkles, crow's feet and fines lines and to finally brighten skin tone and improve the complexion.
This product has an interesting texture and colour that seems to me a bit like the texture and colour of lemon curd. There's no real smell to it and a little goes a long way due to the texture. It applies on clear when rubbed into the skin when and this pleases me as I was concerned by the colour. There is no real scent to the product either which is good to those opposed to certain smells.
I will try this after my current night cream and tell you what you think after I have used it for a while.
I have worked out the sample is worth £27.

Now, if that wasn't enough value for the price I paid they added an extra to my box as it is the Christmas box. They sent me a 5ml sample of the detox bath and shower oil and I am over the moon as this the third one of these I have received and at the moment I am loving bath oils as they are so relaxing after a day of chasing my son around the house and they leave my skin soft and supple after a long bath.
This one has the essential oils of lemon, ginger, lemongrass and juniper and smells amaazing. I just hope I don't fall asleep in the bath while using it.
These retail at £6 in the balm balm shop and are well worth the money as they do two or three baths and are a lot cheaper than most bath bombs on the market and leave a stronger and more natural smell in my opinion, due to their 100% organic nature.

I have swatched the lipliner and lipstick on my hand to give you a basic idea of the colours, although bear in mind my skin is very pale and it may look different on you. I love the contrast and really think the lip liner used as both a lipstick as well as a lipliner would be very striking.

This is a great box and represents a great value for money. The products are worth a combined total of over £75 and the box costs only £10 plus p and p.

If you want to join you can use my link here and by using the code BUDDY18 you will receive two extra products in your first box.

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