4 December 2013

My 'vamp' leighton denny nails.... with a little help from their friends

Some of my NCLA nail wraps got loose this afternoon and I decided to remove them before they fell off and I really wanted to try out the Leighton Denny nail varnish I received in my youbeauty advent calendar as well as a couple of products I hadn't used properly yet and that I wanted to try out but was unable to as I was using nail wraps. 

This is my nails with the shade 'VAMP' from Leighton Denny and below are the products I used to get to that picture from having naked nails after removing my NCLA wraps after wearing them for the last week.

I used four products and all of them I have had for less than a month.

The product on the left is the Elegant Touch Rapid dry for nails and I received this in my November Glossybox. It is holds 125ml of the product and it says it will dry your nails in 60 seconds and with this nail varnish it worked really well and for once I haven't smudged my nails while looking after my son. It was fab.
It has added vitamin E to condition cuticles and that is a definite bonus as I have only been not biting my nails for about 10 weeks and after 31 and a half years of biting my nails are a bit thin and split easily still and my aunt told me looking after my cuticles would help. Hopefully this product will help with that too.

The middle products are a nail file and a buffer by Stylfile. These products were invented by a previous winner of the UK's The Apprentice show and are a S shaped buffer and file. They feel and look really good quality and are thick and sturdy.
I have a crystal file but wanted to try these out as I saw these on Amazon's Black Friday deals with a compact one for £6.50 and thought they were cheap enough to try to see if they would help me shape my oddly shaped nails and to try to get them more rounded as in general they end up rather square and boxy with my crystal file and still scratch me a lot and I would much rather them rounded.
I was quite surprised how well they worked tbh and was rather sceptical and thought the product shape might be overrated but it was great and the nails feel a less sharp at the end and I prefer the shape as it is more feminine to my eye.
I have never used a buffer before but quite enjoyed using it and I think it helped the nail varnish to stick to them.
All in all a great product and for £6.50 with a compact one, the reason I mainly bought it was for one to keep in my bag, it was an amazing bargain.

The product on the right was the reason this all started and was the nail varnish I received this morning in my youbeauty advent calendar and it was so beautiful in the bottle I had to see how the shade translated onto my nails. I really love this shade and it translates better, if that is possible. It is a mix of purple, brown and black and is a great statement shade and will probably stay on for a while as it is quite classic. 
I don't know whether it is me getting better at doing my nails, the applicator or the thickness of the polish but it was really easy to apply and I didn't really make too much mess around where I was trying to apply it and sorting it out with the cotton bud was very quick  and easier than normal as very little was wasted.
I will probably buy the full size of this nail varnish as it is a great colour and looks luxurious. 

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