30 December 2013

Sales haul (small one)

I was in Durham from boxing day until yesterday but not even time with family could stop me shopping. We had to pop to Boots to get a few essentials I forgot so I looked at the same things and got these two sets half price and a few bits and pieces my family needed. 

I needed shampoo but when I saw this at nine pounds I had to have it and the added bonus was that it had some shampoo inside it and the bag, now I am back in Birmingham, is perfect for my nail varnishes that were in a soft bag and now they are up on the shelf and stored more easily in this bag.

I really loved the headband when I was away to help me wash my face. I also really liked glad hair day and use it when I was up north and would probably use it but at the moment I have about a litre of Tresemme Shampoo and conditioner to use so I am not really buying more shampoo or conditioner as I don't need duplicates.
In this bag was:
The Righteous Butter 50ml. This is incredibly creamy and smells lovely and girly but isn't really floral or overpowering.
Clean on me 75ml. I don't have a shower but this will be great when I go away on holiday or for the weekend.
Scrub of your life 50ml. I also this is a great trip away size and love the pink bits in this product.
Hand Food 50ml. I like this but don't understand why this is included along the righteous butter as they seem exactly the same to me. I am probably wrong about that but I can't see much different.
Heel genius 50ml. I like the rest of this products but I dislike the colour and smell of this product and much prefer my peppermint foot lotion from the body shop.
The final  product in this is the glad hair day daily shampoo. I really like how soft it made my hair but the scent didn't stick and I have a lot of Tresemme so it is unlikely I will buy this again.

Hubby also got the games player from fcuk half price while we were there as he wanted a new toiletry bag and getting one half price was a good deal better than when we were looking at them the week before at full price.
Inside it there was:
300ml fcuk sport hair and body wash
200ml fcuk sport body spray
and a gym towel.

Looking at it closely after he has used it I think it is really good quality and the smell is pleasing and masculine. Which is great as if I hated it I would have to steer clear away from while he used it.
The bag has numerous pockets and I really like that it has a minimalistic style.
Such great value.

These were the things we went in for. Edward needed a new toothbrush and toothpaste and ours weren't great so hubby picked out these battery ones. They were really great but I am back to using my Oral B one now we are home. They will be great when we go away again though.

The paddle brush was because I thought I had left my one at home but I hadn't so it is now just a duplicate.
It's nice enough and does the job well and smooths my long frizzy hair well.


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