9 December 2013

Products I am currently using and up to date verdicts on each one.

I thought this might be another interesting post for you as all as I am interested in other people day to day routines and thought I might disclose my own for you.

This is my Birchbox Christmas box and I have now started to use it to contain the products I am currently using as it looks good on my bedside table and is large enough to contain everything I need it to. I am quite amazed it all fits in as it is not a huge box to keep it all in there.
So, what am I currently using and what do I think of the items?

This is my Tangle Teezer Compact Styler in the Metallic Gold Rush style. This is my go to hairbrush for my extremely long and thick hair as it doesn't yank on my hair and it is very ergonomic as it fits into the palm of my hand so it isn't cumbersome to use.
It was also a bargain as it was in my first Youbeautydiscovery box which cost only £6.95 for this and another item. My review for that box is here.
I loved it in that review but now that I am no longer plaiting my hair and wearing it down I love it even more as it keeps it knot free and looking in good condition.

I never knew that this type of product existed before I tried it.
This is the Cinq Mondes Spa Paris Hammam Rituals roses petal rain.
I love this as a great alternative to moisturising with a cream and it is really fast and easy for this time limited mother of one. According to the description on the bottle this contains Moroccan rose extracts and that has softening properties and that would explain why I love the smell as well as how soft it makes my body.
The only issue with this is with the amount of other moisturisers I have to use is whether I will repurchase at the moment.
Love the product though as it makes my skin really really soft, is fast and easy and it smells amazing, although someone who hates the smell of roses would disagree.

This is my current cleanser is the Organic Surge gentle cleansing lotion and with it chamomile is the most prominent scent, although it is a very delicate scent to the point that it is almost unscented in it's delicacy.
It is extremely gentle even on my sensitive eyes and I like that it doesn't irritate my skin but is still able to remove even stubborn eye make up and lip stains.
Most of the ingredients are naturally derived too which is great as there is no sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate or parabens and it is not tested on animals which are great plusses to this product.
I like that I got this in a prize package as well as again in a Love ME Beauty box so it can be used for longer and can be tested more intensively.

This is the So...? Brit body fragrance that I received in the last, in every way, Miss Glossybox. I love the floral scent of this body fragrance and is not like the So...? and Impulse scents of my teen years that were sickly sweet and it makes me look again at the So...? brand after this sample size body fragrance has been finished. it also has the bonus that it is not too expensive to buy if I want it again.

This is my current toner and it is a 28ml bottle of Melvita Orange blossom floral water. It is a great toner with a strong orange blossom scent and it hasn't made my eyes sting so far which is a bonus. It is 100% from natural sources and 99.85% from organic farming and not tested on animals.
It tightens the skin nicely and then dries quickly so that you can carry on with your skincare routine quickly and this is a bonus as there is always things to do in a house with a small child.

This is the ESPA Smooth & Firm Body Butter that I got as a free sample when I received my ESPA order that was ordered with my £15 voucher from my youbeauty advent calendar.
It is another Rose scented product and is extremely thick and creamy and I am applying it on my stretch marks as the product's Larch oil is supposed to help firm and smooth, pumpkin seed extract is supposed to help with elasticity and reducing the appearance of stretch marks and Omega 3, 6 and 9 as well as Vitamin E should help to soften smooth and rejuvenate.
Stretch marks are the bane of my existence after a huge weight loss then a pregnancy so any product that can diminish them a bit is worth it's weight in gold to me.
So far I have only used it for only a few days but the skin does look and feel a lot softer and I will have to see after a few more days how the stretch marks look.

This is Dr Nick Lowe's Age Correct Eye Serum. This is described as a lightweight ultra moisturising eye serum that is boosted by it's unique peptide complex that will instantly firm, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and moisturise the delicate eye area.
To be honest I have only been using it a few days but the appearance is a little better. I like that a little goes a long way as the product will last longer and I will be able to test it longer to see if I want to repurchase it.
Seems a good product so far though.

This is Beauty Protector's Protect and Detangle in a sample size. I love this product and originally had two of these sample sizes and this one is on it's last legs. I have used this on both myself and on my son and it leaves my hair smelling sweet and it feels in better condition. It is multifunctional so it does a lot of things such a protecting the hair from heat and sun damaging, sealing cuticle, smoothing hair, locking in colour and adding. All I know is that it makes my hair look great.

This is the ESPA Optimal Skin ProSerum and I have been using it every day since I got it on the 3rd December in my you beauty advent calendar. This product has added Omega 3, 6 and 9, Vitamin A & E and protective extracts of Turmeric, White Lupin and Sunflower to brighten and even skin tone, enhance elasticity, firm and protect against premature ageing and is definitely high end in both function and appearance.
It has been great for adding moisture and I think it has been one of the products that has helped to make my skin look and feel better and made it feel a lot less dry. It is a really nice product and will definitely love using it as I have about another week of it as a little goes a long way making it good value.

This is Weleda's skin food. It is godsend for my rough elbows and to be honest at first I managed to resist the charms of this particular product but I had a few samples and decided to use it on the eczema on my feet as well as my elbows and knees and it seems to have really helped the skin on these areas. I can definitely smell the citrus in it and that pleases me greatly as I love that smell.
Although a recent discovery to me it has been around since 1926 and it has the bonus of being fine for vegetarians and being made from all natural ingredients.

This is the trilogy Rosapene Night Cream that I received yesterday. It smells of Rosehip and has a thick and creamy texture that means that a little goes a long way. It is another product from my advent calendar from youbeauty and it is another anti ageing product that gives a deep moisturising effect to the skin.

This is my Rose Geranium Balm Balm that is my favourite product of the year. It is so creamy and moisturising it is just like a dream. The smell is delicate but it is another Rose product that I am in love with. Is there a pattern here?
It 100% organic, 100% natural and not tested on animals and additionally the company try to be as green as possible with recyclable packaging. All this would be good but it is even better as this product rocks my socks with the moisturising shea butter and the calendula rose geranium essential oil to give the delicate scent.
To be honest with all that you'd be silly not to love it.... well maybe some people won't but I love it.

This is my second Weleda product in my box and it is the Wild Rose smoothing day cream. I used up the night cream equivalent to this and it was on my most recent empties and I loved it.
As this is a day cream the texture is lighter in this cream and the scent isn't as strong, which for me is a shame as I love the rose scent. It is only a tiny sample but this is a luxurious cream that I would definitely use again especially as it is a natural product and is vegetarian.

This is a sample of Jimmy Choo Flash. I really love this perfume and as you can see the sample is nearly completely used up as I love the fruity and floral scent. I will be getting this for Christmas from my husband as he loves it too and I am overjoyed by that.

This is the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. I used this product the night before last and I am in love as I had small expectations on the deep repair masque and I am so happy to say that this product really surprised me as my hair looked so great after using it. It was a lot less frizzy and it was softer and less knotted.
It was also quite easy to use as it was wet hair, apply, leave for seven minutes then wash out and I didn't need to use heat on it to activate it which is great.
I also expected to have to use a lot as I have hair almost to my bottom but a little went a long way so I will get at least a months use from it, which makes it excellent value for money.
It has argan and macadamia oil in it and that is what nourishes and softens the hair so well. It is a cruelty free, paraben free and alcohol free product.
I would recommend this product as it is great and left even my dry long hair in great condition.

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