23 December 2013

My festive nails

These are my first ever Rebel Nail wraps and were bought for this years festive season as it is the first year I have ever had nails at Christmas, after only giving the nail biting up a few months ago. They were buy one get one free on Amazon so I managed to snag them for four pounds each which was a bargain as I love nail wraps and these were the best ones I could find.

I applied these yesterday and here are the pictures of the 'Christmas Glittering Penguins' pack I bought as my son told me he wanted me to wear these and in general it is easier for me to listen to him.

This is how they look from a distance as they are quite cute.

Here are them closer but I have to apologise about the glare as the light really hits them and makes them shine due to the glitter.

They are really super cute and my only issue is that a few of the penguins nearly got decapitated as I have tiny fingers and nails but managed to stick them further down so none got harmed in this endeavour.

More info on this brand can be found here and they can purchased from there or on Amazon.


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