14 December 2013

My boots haul including Soap and Glory Yule Monty and skincare for hubby

So, I went to Boots on Friday and although I didn't find my Weleda I was able to get a small haul together and will show you what I bought.

This is what I bought on Friday and I have to admit that I never planned to buy the largest item but my husband want skincare and after seeing recommendations on youtube for the cotton wools pads I got some today to use with my cleanser.

These are one of the things I went in to buy and sadly enough I am quite excited by them as they will mean I will only need to use 1 to do my face instead of using multiple ones of the small ones. There is approximately 60 per pack, which will keep me going for a while.

I've been collecting beauty products since July and very little surprises me as a mother and wife but last week my dear darling husband asked me something that shocked me so much for a minute that I really wondered if I knew him after eleven years together. He asked me to look for some skincare for him and this made me surprised as he doesn't really get too concerned by his appearance, especially as he works in a very male work environment at a metal factory nearby.

So today when we went into Boots I went and got my pads and left him in the men's skincare aisle and to be honest when I returned I nearly laughed as my hubby looked ever so forlorn and was struggling to control a very bored two year old. Everything was 3 for 2 today in the men skincare aisle so that made it even more confusing in my opinion.

I know nothing about skincare for men but I knew I had heard about this skincare and I liked the packaging so I picked it and looking it at home now I am even more glad I picked it.

The first product bought for my husband is the 75ml of the Bulldog Original Aftershave Balm and I am really happy that it smells amazing and it is cruelty free. It smells really musky and didn't cause a reaction when I put it on my sensitive skin.
According the products description it contains 8 essential oils, green tea, konjac mannan, rosehip oil (which I love the smell of) and vitamin E and these ingredients help to soothe and nourish the skin, especially useful after shaving.
I look forward to seeing if my hubby enjoys it.

The second product bought for my hubby is the Bulldog original face wash and I thought this might work well as a cleanser for him. According to the description I was correct on that assumption as it says that the eight essential oils and green tea will help to cleanse his skin of dirt and debris. This is especially good for him as he works in a very dirty factory.
This one smells zingy and is very masculine. I am guessing the smell would definitely please him a lot more than my floral smelling products.
As normal will report back once he has used it for a while.

The third and final product he received for his skincare regime is the Bulldog Sensitive moisturiser and this one smells incredible but manly, so I am unlikely to steal it. This one contains 2 essential oils, green tea, green algae, konjac mannan and vitamin E.
As before I can't give you an opinion until he uses it but it is definitely a bonus that it is for sensitive skin and easy for him to use as he has no idea about skincare.

This is the largest part of my haul and is full of the first ever Soap and Glory Products I have owned, or indeed bought. It was the star gift today and cost £27, down from £60, and to be honest they must be good as they sold out fast online and I think most stores have sold out too. I mainly got it because of the huge toiletries bag but I was curious about this brand as a few of youtube blogger I watch talk about this brand.

The bag is really beautiful with a silver and black colour scheme and a beautiful pattern and is designed by Jonathan Saunders and is limited edition and was just what I was looking for the store my cosmetics when I travel. It has a pocket in the lids and is very sturdy and strong. For £27 it was a bargain.

This is everything that was in the bag and I was quite surprised that they are full sized products, so I can test them out a lot, and not samples and I am really happy that I get to try all of the products so I can get an overall impression of the brand and price points of the range.

This is the first product in my bag and it is the 500ml Butter Yourself Ultra Nourishing Fruity Liquid Moisture Lotion. I tried this out on my leg and it seemed like a little would go a long way and the smell was lovely as you could smell the orange and mango in it and it was a really fruity scent. The Shea Butter and essential oils provide moisture and it would be great to use. I also like that it has a long life of 24 months so I have plenty of time to use it.
The rrp of this product is £10.

The second item in the bag is 500ml of the Sugar Crush Fresh & Foamy Body Wash. It says it has lime oil, coolcapsule x, kiwi water and a skin softening omega rich veggie oil in it and that is why it smells so zingy.
I tried this in my bath, as I have no shower in my house, and the lime smells amazing, although I should have seen if more would mean more bubbles. I really love how refreshing the scent is and it is very different from the normally girly products I have used in the past and I was expecting girly with a name like sugar crush. I would definitely buy this again as I love this scent and it left my skin shiny and soft after the bath, due to the oil. A great product, even in the bath.
The rrp of this product is £6.50.

The third product in the bag is 300ml of The Righteous Butter. I like how thick and luxurious this and it would be great on rough skin and is unlikely to offend anyone as it is only lightly scented but is high in moisture due to the shea butter and healing due to the aloe vera so would be great on eczema.
The rrp is £10.50.

The fourth product is 125ml of heel Genius Amazing foot cream marvel. This product had the most odd smell that thankfully dissipated over time. It was quite thick and a pale green/ blue colour.
The next morning it was fine but I don't think I would purchase it again as my feet tend to be fine and don't really need foot cream as they don't get really dry.
The rrp is £5.50

The fifth product in my bag is 200ml of the Peaches and Clean 3 in 1 wash off deep purifying Cleanser. This is another product with a bit of an odd smell and this one smells like a mix of mint and mint to me. It is also odd because I don't know if I like the smell or not. According to this product description on the front it has a special clogged T zone formula with Peach & GoJuice extracts and oxyginseng technology. It all sounds interesting and I look forward to using it when I have tried out a few of my stash cleansers.
The rrp is £8.00.

The sixth product in my bag is 200ml of The Scrub of Your Life, the ultimate super-smoothing body butter. This is probably the least useful product in my bag as I have no shower in my house and only bathe. It has pink bits in it to make it useful as a scrub as these parts of the product are abrasive and it smells very sweet and girly.
It might be useful for my son when we wash him or when I go away on holiday. As usual I will report back when it hits my empties.
The rrp of the product is £7.00.

The seventh product in my bag is 125ml of Hand Food Hydrating Hand Cream. It smells the same as the scrub to me. Or have I smelled too many things in a short amount of time?
I have to admit I have a lot of hand creams and use them as they are useful as I want my hands to look great to show off my newly grown nails. This one may well become a favourite due to the scent of what is probably the marshmallow.
The rrp is £5.00

The eighth product is 10ml of Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Plump XL in Pink out Loud. I love the pale pink colour and although I have never used this type of product before it wasn't that bad in terms of the sting and after a little while it really helped to pucker up my already rather large lips so they looked bee stung. I like that there is a warning on the product that it stings.
With this product I will make sure I only use it when my son isn't around as he likes to try my lip glosses but he won't be trying this one out.
The rrp of this is £10.

The ninth product in the bag is the Thick and Fast Super Volume Mascara. I have to admit that the first thing I said when I saw the mascara applicator was 'my, my, aren't you a big one', take whatever you want from you want but it was true. The applicator is very long and bulges in the middle and that makes it very easy to apply, even to someone like me with limited vision.
My brows were left looking lonnger and thinner and I didn't smudge at all. An all round success, although I rarely wear mascara as it is fiddly to do without my glasses on and impossible with them on.
The RRP of this is £10.

Additionally in the bag there was a leaflet in the bag that has a voucher for £5 off if you spend £20 between 26th December and 21st January which is good as well as three 1ml samples of Make Yourself Youthful Super Serum worth approx. £2.

So all in all an amazing deal. The products alone inside equal 72.50 which is amazing and I am completely in love with the bag and I am thankful pure luck and hunting for Weleda has made me own it. i can't wait to try everything.


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