17 December 2013

My top ten nail products at the moment

For anyone who has read my posts before they are aware having any nails is a new prospect for me as I have bitten them since I was a baby but a few months ago I was able to stop that habit.
A lot of that is down to being about to pretty my nails up as pretty as possible and initially it was done to nail varnish as I knew that if I bit them I would have to reapply and at the beginning I was terrible at applying nail varnish so I decided it was easier to not bite than apply more nail varnish.

So, I decided to do a post about some of the products that have helped me to stop biting my nails and have made me happy when I am either wearing or using them.

These are my top ten products and I will countdown then down below and explain why I love them so much.

#10. This one might be odd but it is cotton buds/ Q tips. Great for small smudges around the nails and especially useful if just learning to paint your nails, granted most people learn a lot younger than at the age of 31. Cheap and great if you hate tiny imperfections like me.

#9 is the Headline Colors Nail Varnish in Glamours. I love this colour as it a true gold colour and it looks great on my fingers and it is highly pigmented yet an affordable brand.
I got this in a prize pack from Love Me Beauty so it was free but I would buy from this brand again as the applicators are great, the nail varnish not too watery and the colours are very vivid.
The rrp of this is £9.

#8 is a Rimmel London Salon Pro with Lycra in shade 312 in Ultra Violet and it was a random buy at Asda as it was on promotion that week but this was a really great nail varnish that didn't chip and still looked perfect after days of wear and it was only removed in order to put on a different colour of nail varnish.
The purple is darker than on the picture and it is great to wear as it is a little bit different than the reds that my husband loves and the applicator is wide with densely packed bristles that makes application easier and the appearance better when I use it. Such a great nail varnish.

#7 is the Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Nails with Vitamin E. This is the ultimate product for the busy mother or person on the go. It professes that it dries nails in 60 seconds and it hasn't failed yet. Love, love, love it and will purchase again once it is empty.

#6 is my Leighton Denny Crystal nail file which is my favourite nail file of this shape that I have used, you will understand why I add that later on. It is ever so gentle yet ever so effective and has a lifetime guarantee on the surface which makes it amazing value and as a bonus it is so pretty.

#5 is my O.P.I Top Coat that I bought to increase the length of my nail varnish and nail wraps and I love that it dries really fast, isn't too watery or thick and has a nice wide applicator was ease of application.
I got this from Amazon after a packet of wraps told me that they would help them last longer and I knew O.P.I was a great brand so I bought and I am so glad I bought it. Maybe next year I'll try more O.P.I as that the moment this is my only item by this brand.

#4 is a Sinful colors professional nail varnish in the shade 'Let's Talk'. I love love love these nail varnishes and I now have three of them. This was another impulse purchase and is a blue purple that shimmers in the light, is highly pigmented and changes colour slightly in the light. Such an amazing colour and it didn't chip easily and lasted well even for this very busy housewife.
I must be a cheap date as my favourite nail varnish so far in my nail journey is amazing but only £1.99 but it has been a colour that I have been given compliments about and is great for the winter.

#3 is my Nail Inc. Non Acetone nail polish remover that has been so great compared to my other nail varnishes that it has almost been used up entirely despite me owning several others. I know that this will do the job well and it gets off nail varnish the others struggle with so easily.
Only downside is the smell and I worry the fumes make me odd so I use it sparingly.

#2 are my Stylfile buffer and file. I got these a few weeks ago and they are extremely good at giving me a rounded nail. This is extremely important as I am still getting used to having nails and having squared off nails causes me to scratch myself to pieces and I worry about scratching my toddler. It might be odd having files at number two but for me it is great for every day use.

#1 are my NCLA Los Angeles nail wraps in 'It don't matter'. They have a post review on them here and they were amazing to wear and despite the fact I normally get bored by my nails being the same day in day out these never bored me and with the O.P.I they last over a week and were only removed to try on a nail colour I was curious to try on and I had to fight them to get them off.
I love they are black and white and different patterns and I am so glad you get two sheets so I can wear them again.

Okay, so that is my top ten. What are you loving or would recommend to me?


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