6 December 2013

Peppermint Passion by Ann Mayburn

Book release date: 6th December 2013
Released by Honey Mountain Publishing.

It's been a while since I did a book review and the main reason behind this is is that I have been writing for NaNoWriMo. 

Since then I have fallen back into my reading funk, unable to read much new, as I have had difficulty concentrating on much other than writing as my characters have taken residence in my head and are still refusing to leave. 

I have to admit that this makes it hard to read about other people's characters when yours won't leave you alone. Well enough of the craziness in my head and onto my review of the book that will hopefully break me from my funk.

Peppermint Passions centres around Shyla, Trent and Jack and their exploits at their company's Christmas party.
Trent and Jack run an exclusive BDSM club and Shyla works there as a waitress. 

Due to their business type newly single Shyla  knows that the party will be wild and she wants to embrace this after living a vanilla life. In the spirit of this chance in life she enters herself into the submissive charity auction and in her dreams she hopes that her dual bosses will buy her, although they have never shown her any attention. Or is she just overlooking the obvious? Are they attracted to her really? 

Trent and Jack have always known she was meant to be their submissive but she was in a relationship, at college, their employee and inexperienced in BDSM relationships, so it was very complicated. They are surprised but happy she has entered herself in the auction and have every intention to win her and make sure they keep her.

I don't intend to write any spoilers so I will leave it there and give you my opinion on the book. Although the book was short it was only 77p on the Amazon UK site when I purchased it (it may have rose in price between then and you reading this blog post) and it was a good read that occupied a few hours for me. The characters were true to life and the plot was entertaining. I liked that all three were unsure in their relationship and everything was resolved in the HEA. I will be hunting out more books by this author for sure and listening to more recommendations from Carrie Anne Ryan.
More info can be found about this book here and it can be found to buy as an ebook from most online retailers.

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