14 December 2013

My ciate nails.

I thought I'd blog about my new nails before they get scuffed too much. I loved the silver when I got it from my calendar but it looked odd on my toe nail and I am really happy it looks incredible on my fingers and it doesn't make me look like a cyborg, although being in one of Eve Langlais' Cyborg books would be incredible.

On my nails is the colour 'fit for the queen' with the top coat 'speed coat' over it and on my thumb there is 'party shoes'  as my son wanted me to apply it this morning and I like to pick my battles with him.

As you can see the colour really shines in the light and I love that it is so glossy and girly and very different than the norm, although I think that is why he dislikes them as he likes classic colours.

A little closer and as you can see my application of nail varnish is getting a little better and these went on quite nice and they were fine with only two coats and the overcoat.

Although I love these I don't know how long I will get better they chip. I think this is why I prefer wraps as they don't chip.

Well there are my Friday night nails and I love them.


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