13 December 2013

On the fourteeth day of advent ciate vs. youbeauty

On the fourteenth day of advent my Ciate calendar gave to me:

A 5ml nail varnish in 'party shoes. This is opaque with gold and silver glitter in it and would be great over a coloured nail varnish to make it look extra special.

On the fourteenth day of advent my youbeauty advent calendar gave to me:

A Green People Organic Lifestyle Pencil Anti Age Eyeliner in City Grey. It contains Vitamin E, Shea butter and Jojoba oil and it has a soft nib and is blendable.
I don't wear eye liner often but the application would be nicer than one with a harder nib in my opinion it would also be good for a smudgey smoky eye as it is blendable.
The rrp of the product is £10.95 and it is 100% natural.

I swatched this on my hand to show you the shade of it. It is black on initial application but smudges slightly to be a slightly more muted and less severe colour, showing shades of grey and brown within it.

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