6 December 2013

Youbeautydiscoverybox December 2013

My December box came today and I am very excited, despite knowing what is in it. The booklet, as pictured below, looks amazing this month as does the presentation of the box.

I love the first day of the month as it means I can get to pick out my items for the youbeautydiscoverybox. We got a preview again this month, two days early on November the 29th, and that was great as I get to pick before I hit the site and have the possibility of getting confused. There was ten possibilities this month in terms of products and these were:

Magnifibres Brush On false lashes
Lola Makeup by Perse Matte Long Lasting Lipstick
Lanolips 101 Ointment
He- Shi express liquid tan & tanning mitt
Good Things total wipe out cleansing wipes
Elegant Touch UV Gel polished Red 318
Dr. Nick Lowe Age Correct Eye Serum
Becca Shimmering Skin Protector
Awapuhi Wild Ginger by Paul Mitchell Hydrocream Whip & Hydromist Blow-out spray duo
Ancienne Ambiance Lavendula Bath & Body oil

For those not in the know Youbeautydiscovery box is very different from the competitors as it is only £6.95 and you get to pick TWO products that you want and therefore it is not a mystery box. This is my third box from them and although this months selection isn't as amazing for me this month I am still very happy at the amazing value.

As well as two of the samples/ full sized products above you also get two additional samples and this month you get a 2ml spray of Jimmy Choo Flash perfume spray and tiny bar of Green & Black's Milk Chocolate Raisin and Hazelnut bar.

The Jimmy Choo Flash 2ml sample was an amazing fresh floral scent and I loved it as it is a rather classic scent. I have now asked my husband for the gift set of it from using half the sample very quickly and realising it was a good price as a christmas present from him. Additionally, he said it smelled nice and this is a guy that never notices anything so it must be nice and hopefully he will love it for as long as I have the big bottle he buys for me.

The chocolate also didn't last very long as I will never say no to Green and Black chocolate. I really like this flavour and the raisin definitely shines through which is nice as I love raisins a lot.

Tbh, tis the season for youbeautydiscovery in this house too as I have their advent calender too and I am enjoying opening it.

This month I chose the Dr. Nick Lowe Age Correct Eye Serum and the Ancienne Ambiance Lavendula Bath & Body Oil.

The Dr. Nick Lowe Age Correct Eye Serum is a lightweight, ultra moisturising eye serum. I like these eye serums as I get bags under my eyes as I have a toddler so I am tired a lot of the time.
The serum is a lovely large full sized product at 15ml and has no smell and isn't greasy or oily on application and as it is a serum a little goes a long way especially as it has a pump action dispenser.
The other great thing with this product is the really expensive looking sleek minimalistic white packaging which would look great on a dressing table or in my skincare bag.
This product has gone into my bag for use and I will report back when it goes into my empties.
This product has a rrp of £19.

The Ancienne Ambiance Lavendula Bath & Body Oil is a product with the finest quality lavender oil to soothe, relax and nourish the skin. This appealed because I love bath oils atm and despite it being lavender, which can give a headache, I wanted to see if it would happen with this product.

I have had a bath in it and the lavender didn't give me a headache and in fact I nearly fell asleep in the bath for the first time which was irritating as I needed to wash my hair. I really loved and although I didn't use the two caps it told me to the smell was still amazing after about a tenth of the bottle, about 3ml, and I will definitely use it again.
The sample is worth about £4.50 so getting the smell and sleep inducing effect after only a tenth of a bottle is great as it is a lot cheaper than something like a bath bomb from Lush but it smells better and makes me feel more luxurious.
I would probably buy it again too which is surprising as I normally don't like lavender much.

All in all a great box with great value as my products are worth over 3 times the cost of the box. I am very happy with the choices I made this month as I like serums and I love bath oils atm and so glad I got that.
Biggest surprise was the perfume though as that was an amazing product and finally I have something Paul can get me that won't end up in my beauty haul.
A great box to go with their amazing advent calendar.

More information on youbeautydiscovery box can be found here. I really recommend this box but if you like a surprise this ain't the one for you.

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