18 December 2013

18th December 2013 postal haul

I've been waiting for lots of orders so I thought I would do a haul as the majority of my orders have come and only a few remain unaccounted for.

My first order to arrive was from Lovelula and it was my BalmBalm as my oldest one is running out. I had to buy the tea tree oil one this time and I am really glad that the smell isn't too overpowering and I got it in time for Christmas and once again I repeat that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

I was also really glad LoveLula included samples in my box as I forgot to do this at checkout. I received a 1.5ml sample of both Madara Time Miracle day and night creams. They are 100% natural and 70% organic and I love forward to using them.

The next order to arrive was the first of my three body shop orders that arrived today, all purchased during the half price promotion, and contained three items. This order contained three items and these were the following:
A 30ml bottle of the Coconut Eau de Toilette
A shimmer cube of 4 3.5g green eyeshadows (palette 22)
My free 50ml Vitamin E Moisture cream, as reviewed here. I won't review it again here.

This is the Coconut Eau de Perfume in 30ml.
I fell in love with the Coconut smell when I got my Ultimate Collection in this post and received the body butter and I immediately knew I had to buy the perfume, even though I had the shea perfume and loved I couldn't resist while everything was half price.
This costs £8.50 for 30ml and smells amazing, although my husband isn't a huge fan but as normal I don't really need his opinion especially as he doesn't hate it.

The second item is the shimmer cube palette in shade 22 Green. The colours in there are pure turquoise, mint green, silver grey and forest green. I really love the colours and although the colours have come out well below very well they would be great for my hazel eyes. The colours are really pigmented and shimmery and I really love them.
These are £16 full price.

I have all four swatched on my hand here. The light colours are between the dark colours and are really subtle shades if you want to use more than one shades on your eye lids to create a more dramatic effect.

This is my second body shop order today.

In this is another Vitamin E Moisture cream, my fourth in my half price orders and they will be given away as presents as I have loads of moisturising cream. Next to it is 10ml of the Ginger Sparkle Home Fragrance Oil, my retractable blusher brush and my face and body brush, which I have just discovered that my son loves me tickling him with it.

This is the Face and Body Brush and it is incredibly soft. I will be using it for my face powder and I really look forward to using at as I have heard the body shop brushes are great to use.
This costs £16 at the Body shop and it is great value for money.

This is the retractable blusher brush.  It is a really beautiful packaging and really shiny and it would a great thing to keep in your make up stash as it protects your brush so it can't be damaged.

The brush is extremely soft like the face and body brush I really love it and look forward to using it. On the body shop site this costs £12.

The final item is the Ginger Sparkle Home Fragrance Oil. It was another 'I have to have you product' as I love gingerbread men and find the smell Christmassy so the opportunity to use this in my oil burner was too great to resist especially as it was half price. 
The price on the body shop for this is £4. 

This was final body shop parcel and my final parcel in this thread. I wasn't sure what this was at first as I was waiting for a few things and it didn't say body shop on the outside but was so happy when I saw what was inside.

This is the Mini Brush kit and these brushes are so cute and it contains a blusher brush, an eyeshadow brush, a slanted brush and a lipstick/ concealer brush. I will probably put this in my handbag to use on the go as it has a great travel pouch and they are a bit teeny tiny to use day to day as my normal brushes.
The price of these on their site is £13.50.

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