7 December 2013

My ESPA order with my youbeauty gift voucher (Bargain even at full price.)

I had a few issues with a mystery parcel yesterday when I received a card through my letterbox saying I had missed a parcel and I was here all day. I have a few on the go atm so I didn't know who it was, which was frustrating.
Long story short it turned today and it was the ESPA ordered I ordered on the 3rd of this month,  and despite an issue with DPD I am over the moon that it turnned up so fast.

The package was also rather aesthetically pleasing with black shredded paper and a really beautiful little snowflake coupon. I then spent two minutes chasing my toddler trying to get it back as the snowflake shape appealed to. I guess he liked it too much to even ask and just stole it instead. What a little monkey!

I have to admit I wasn't amused when I lifted some packing material and saw these products and thought this was not my order and it was an error. That was until I realised these were the samples I selected at checkout as a free extra.
At the moment ESPA allows you to select four samples among their best sellers at checkout and to be honest I thought they would be foil samples so I was clicking a bit randomly but all were good so that didn't matter.
In my order I selected and received (left to right on the above picture):

7ml of ESPA Men The Hydrator, which my husband quickly claimed. I have to admit I was surprised he was even interested in having it from me as he hasn't shown any interest in skincare in the last eleven years we have been together. I'll tell you if he enjoys it after he has used it.

15ml of ESPA Smooth & Firm Body Butter. I tried this out on my hand and it was thick and creamy and smell was divine with the rose smell very prominent. I am loving rose at the moment so this makes me very happy.
The skin on my hand looked great after using it and I might try it on my stretch marks that I have on my stomach after rapid weight loss then my subsequent weight loss as it says it is good on stretch marks due to the pumpkin seed extract.

15ml of ESPA Body Smoothing Shower gel. I will take this with me when I go away next.
I can smell the jasmine and ylang ylang in this shower gel and will report back on how this works on for me when I review it in my empties.

My last sample is 4ml of the ESPA Replenishing Face Treatment oil. This is a duplicate product to the one in my bag and I will give my thoughts on this product below as I have used it today with the other contents of my bag.

So after the delight of realising these were only my samples I peeled back the second layer of shredded paper and saw me order which was the ESPA Essentials Collection Replenishing for Normal/Dry Skin. This collection sells for £25 but it cost me only £10 incl. delivery as the site offers free delivery and I had a £15 voucher for ESPA from my youbeauty advent calendar.
In this collection there is, from left to right, the bag to contain the products, in a lovely dark purple shade that has a lovely lining and looks expensive, a headband in the same colour that was a nice shade but is sadly a bit big for my tiny head, 50ml of ESPA Hydrating Cleansing Milk, 50ml of ESPA Hydrating Floral Spafresh, 15ml of ESPA 24 hour Replenishing Moisturiser and finally 4ml of ESPA Replenishing Face Treatment Oil.

I have tried all of the items in my bag today and I will give you my judgement on them now although these can only be snap judgements atm.

A little went a long way with all the products and you can tell they are good quality due to this fact. Nothing irritated my sensitive dry skin and I look forward to taking them away with me when I go away next. The main reason I chose this instead of the introductory collection was because the samples were bigger and I really wanted to try the products out for longer to get a better assessment of them.

I will report back after my trip away but at the moment I really thank ESPA and youbeauty as they have helped me find a good quality and luxury brand.

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