2 December 2013

Empties 2nd December 2013

Here are my seven most recent empties and my reviews of them.

The first item is the Kind to skin purifying Cleansing Lotion by Simple. I really enjoyed using this as it was really gentle even around the eye area I got weeks of use from the 200ml of product in it and it was inexpensive from Amazon. I have loved it so much I have put it on subscribe to save at Amazon. Thank you Simple for this product as it doesn't cause allergies for me and does the job really well and isn't too heavy on my skin.

My second item is the Q10 plus anti wrinkle Night Cream. This was great too as it sank right in with a neutral smell and it wasn't greasy. I will miss this but my product that is further done has sadly pushed them from my favourites list.

This third product was one from one of my recent Glossyboxes and was a product that saved the box from being really crappy. It is the Premae skincare Harmony Moisturising Smoothie Serum and it is totally divine. It is all natural and has a fruity smell and a little goes a long way, just as a serum should.  It worked really well and I was upset when it ended but it is £22.50 from here and to be honest if I could afford it that would be a great addition to my collection as it is also 100% allergy free and vegan.

This is the product I am most heartbroken about finishing and I will definitely repurchase when I have finished my current night cream as I know there is one coming in my advent calendar. I spent 100 Birchbox points and a small amount of cash  (£1.95) on the Weleda Wild Rose Facial care starter set that contained this and three other sample sized products so I was firstly happy it technically only cost me 49 pence and this, unbelievably is not the best thing about this item.

This fourth product is a 7ml sample size of Wild Rose Night Cream and it is amazing.  It felt amazing going on and is a light night cream with a smell that appeals to me in a way no other other smell has appealed for years. Absolutely amazing and a must buy.

The fifth product is the Loreal Collagen Skin Re-modeller Refining Day Cream Face and Neck 50ml.This was the first moisturiser I had used in quite a lot of years. It was nice enough but nothing really special and tbh atm I have so many day creams one would have to be extra special for me to want to repurchase it.

My sixth and seventh products reviewed in my empties are both by Weleda and are shampoos. At first I thought these were the same product and only realised they weren't as I review them now and this was I didn't enjoy one but enjoyed the other.
The one that was amazing was from my Love me Beauty box and was the Weleda Millet Nourishing Shampoo for Normal Hair. This product smelled amazing and did a lot for my hair, making it soft and bouncy, even without shampoo and I would definitely buy it again.
The one I didn't enjoy was from Birchbox last month and was the Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo for Dry and Damaged hair. I didn't enjoy this smell and it didn't lather up well. Maybe Weleda class my hair as normal but it is generally dry. I wouldn't buy this again.

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